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Lol yeah

I basically live in a desert too lol so there’s that.
Cept it’s kinda coldish so
And I’m sick lol

6 and X would yell at me for walking 6 miles w a fever lol


Also for some stuff to spam this wonderful topic with so music incominggg


Oh no, not a fever in the desert!


lol yup. Fever in the desert




Anyways, how are things going for 6?

You should tell him to get on the next day as it’s almost post #6666


Same as for the past couple days.

Yeah I wish he could.
Otherwise I’ll get on his acc and do a place holder post or 6


Uh oh

I think my school is getting closer to blocking the Hopscotch Forum

They just blocked the main discourse page

I think it’s because half of my safari history is filled with forum links


Oh no that does no to sound fun at all dude…

Do you think you could come here from a different device or smth or?

Cuz I’d really h8 it if you had to leave…


Uh oh

Tho this is a kids forum and discourse isn’t so


I have a pc, so I can get around the block :))

I just can’t get on as often if it happens


My school’s filter system is extremely powerful

Trust me, they’ll find a way


Ah okay, that’s good!!

Yeah true, but at least you’ll still be here, which is what matters more ig im



hopefully they don’t block the app or smth too…


My school uses the same app downloading system as Rawrbear

But they won’t remove the app, as it has great coding values for us students


I just have to hope that they don’t see the art


Oof man tats rough

Good luck cuz that’ll take some serious covering up. And the rps and dråma, better try to keep them from seeing that too…


oh noooooo

i’m sorry that really socksssss

my friend and i were playing a game where we shipped people in our grade lol


Yes yes okay so I have this project thing where I’m supposed to recreate an image pretty well like 8 colors you can blend and stuff and it can be simple but I kinda wanna do smth a bit more complex.
Probably gonna do a band I like or smth so uh if y’all find any good metal band logos/pics that’d be relatively easy to recreate, I’d appreciate it tyyall @FearlessFriends