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Are we good Tv?
just wanted to say sorry


Ooh noiceeee
Ima see if I can get in again


That’s why it wasn’t working.

please note that if you previously registered on the old version you can’t retrieve your old password aka they deleted ma account when they got the new version


Hi! How’s the t or d going?


Aww oof

Make a new one!
I wonder what ur patronus and wand are


Lol that was like a day ago


LOL! Sorry I just replying to old posts…


My point here made is because many things can be considered inappropriate and everybody have different standards to what is disturbing, I don’t want to see other people being silenced because your personal standards doesn’t like what they say.


We are not silencing you and I didn’t not like what you said.
It was inappropriate.

Now please stop starting up unnecessary flames.
I gave you 5 hours to chill down. You can cool down tonight and then resume the conversation tomorrow with a clear head if you wish.
But only on that topic, don’t bring this to my gt.
I offered this as a place people could share their feelings safely and respectfully, not flame.


If youd like to share something that is forum appropriate and you need advice on or smth, by all means, go ahead. I won’t stop you from doing that, that’s why I offered my gt as a place to talk bc I know people need the men.tal hea.lth topic.

All I request is no flame wars here. Anything that needs to be said on that topic in that discussion can be said there after everyone is calm and has had a break.


Then explain why did you edit out my post without consulting me or others. Is this not censorship?

Then tell me where is the bar set and where is it written.

I don’t think I was starting flames. I was confronting you and stating what issues I have on the matter. I don’t see any necessity for closing the topic and it would help me if you can explain in explicit detail why you edited my post and what you think is inappropriate.

This isn’t a flame, I want this to be a rational discussion. If you feel like I’m being harsh, show me how you want to be spoken to and I’ll try to be nicer.

@FearlessPhoenix As for one, you didn’t answer my questions so I can’t justify you. I have to ask accusatory questions because they represent precisely how I feel and I need to ensure my judgment is correct or not. Well, then, have a great rest and we’ll talk about this later.


Well for one, completely rational does not involve being accusatory.
And for another, I don’t have time for this.
We can continue later tomorrow

closed #6676


This’ll stay closed until I get back so that things don’t flame up or anything


Oops forgot to reopen sorrryyyyy

opened #6679


Hellooooooooooo there!

Btw, the fact that we’re working on the Codehop project is perfect because school got cut short this week

(Sorry for leaving suddenly, my internet slowed down for a bit)


I’m lowkey tempted to spam this but idk what to spam it with haha


Also lowkey tempted to call X and ask if I can hang out at his place but then I’m gonna have to walk like 6 miles and I’m lazyy

Im I could always ask for a ride but


I get that. I’m not very sporty and I can’t walk that long w/o my feet hurting