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Hey hey I’m hanging in there]hanging around




Aw aw


Yay I can like stuff again!


image https://media.giphy.com/media/nmwnEm0TET2xi/giphy.gif


I agree




it’s 221 posts until dun dun dun


Ah yes

If 6 is better by then and feels like coming on here, save him 6666th post y’all
He’ll like that


Gotta love this man.
Slytherin, Phoenix feather wand, dragon patronus (not surprised and I kinda wanted dragon lol bc Phoenix patronus’ aren’t in the quiz)


And yes I did use my hs user since I couldn’t think of a good nickname and I didn’t wanna use my reaI name


Are we good Tv?
just wanted to say sorry


Ooh noiceeee
Ima see if I can get in again


That’s why it wasn’t working.

please note that if you previously registered on the old version you can’t retrieve your old password aka they deleted ma account when they got the new version


Hi! How’s the t or d going?


Aww oof

Make a new one!
I wonder what ur patronus and wand are


Lol that was like a day ago


LOL! Sorry I just replying to old posts…


My point here made is because many things can be considered inappropriate and everybody have different standards to what is disturbing, I don’t want to see other people being silenced because your personal standards doesn’t like what they say.


We are not silencing you and I didn’t not like what you said.
It was inappropriate.

Now please stop starting up unnecessary flames.
I gave you 5 hours to chill down. You can cool down tonight and then resume the conversation tomorrow with a clear head if you wish.
But only on that topic, don’t bring this to my gt.
I offered this as a place people could share their feelings safely and respectfully, not flame.