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Hi. So. You must be really bored if your here. Like me. So some hopscotch info about meh that I was too lazy to put on my profile:
•I have never gotten a feature in 2 years
•The most likes I have ever gotten on my own project is 37 (Currently)

Right now my friends on the forum are @Petrichor, @TheDrawer @KoalaKrazy, @CatWithABrush, @Paige1212, @StarryDream, @KVJ, @HRR1213, @IShallNotBeNamed, @xxNeOnDraGoNxx and YOU! (Just tell me if you want to be tagged here)

And that’s the most boring info I could find. As you can see, im the bored-est person on the planet right now, so feel free to ask meh anything. I can also take a few coding requests, just not too complex cuz I have school stuff too. So yeah. That’s me, boring ol’ Fearless. See ya’ll later. (Ps- this is my HS username 2) Bye!!!

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What type of projects do you create on hopscotch?


I was going to ask what your HS name was... then I read the ps thing XD


Hello Fearless :3

Yeah...I am pretty bored :grin:


Anything with code. Mainly random OCs and BGs


:sweat_smile:Hehe. I can relate. (Like I said in my way to long rant)




Hello. Are you bored like me too?


Yep! I have to go to this middle school thing though.


Oh. What's it about? I would rather tom somewhere than do math homework! #mathisaheadache


Oh and you can check my account. My usernames FearlessPhoenix on the app, so yeah.

Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured

Are people alive? Me is.....BORED. (If you havent gotton the message, I am practically always bored, even if I'm wasting time and eating chips. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)


HOLD YOUR FLAGS AND READ IT FIRST PLEASE PEOPLE... Um wow. I don't think anyone will see this but there is a hopscotcher who's username is insert the .F .wo.rd here me insert the B word here I find that inappropriate so THT could you look into it? Thanks! Also, don't flag this post as I was just reporting something... @Liza @asha @rodrigo


Wait, is it the real word?

Or did it actually say to insert it? Either way, that's pretty bad :grimacing:


The real word. Idk how I found it anyway. I was scrolling down the art section and well, yo know what I found. And yeah, it is pretty bad..


Tag THT....


I did. I tagged Liza, Asha and Rodrigo. The haven't replayed or maybe seen that post. You try tagging them.


@Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Montoya, this is pretty serious, check out the posts above this...


Thanks for letting us know! Can you please report their projects and send the links to us at help@gethopscotch.com?



Ok. Will do now. Your welcome. Thanks @KoalaKrazy :slight_smile: