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Argh. I am a very jealous person here. I was going to ask you something cuz I thought that I might know you irl but then I saw that you are homeschooled. I guess not then.


Duh. It's my idea, it's a great idea. (Egoistic if you haven't noted that already)


I'm going to be on the app. My iPads almost out of battery....again. SEE you people lATEr


Wait... why does your profile say that you are suspended? Also, while your here, just a quick question, what grade are you in? I know your homeschooled but by school standards? (Sorry, idk how homeschooling works..)


-13 years. Is that even a thing? Anyway, in case you wanted my grade, I'm in 7th too. Do you have any ideas for something I can code? I'm about bored to the hight of boredom.



Uhhhhh, idk, that really seems un-do-able. Something do-able please?


Nah no need. Maybe I should clean out my drafts. I have a bunch of stuff in there... a handful of pixel arts, announcement boards. Should I start up my Giveaway again? I did it last time and no one actually remixed it wit a prize.


Try a game. A shopping game?


Is that your sneaky way of asking me to do a pixel art of Zane for you? I'll do it... maybe finish it in 2-3 days, depending on how busy I am.


Nah. Totally not. :stuck_out_tongue: I'm going to try titanium Zane.


I don't shop. Neva. The only time I go is when it's with my grandparents, they let my buy as much candy as I want! :slight_smile:


I don't believe you. Not for a second.


Hey, I got to 50+posts. Half way to my goal! YAY! NINJA PARTY TIME


Ninja GIF party!


Hehe. I shoulda known. You are cra cra. The good type. Maybe. You'll never know.


Wait. W phat about the one where Cole is like "WHAT, NO CAKE!!!"? I feel left out..


*What, not W phat



Better. Me 4 mins ago :slight_smile: . Me now :frowning: . Reason: my dad got me a robot that I could code. I went down to get the packet...turns out it's a pack of light bulbs. :frowning: