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I'm always like "screw phones, those tiny screens trigger me soooo much!!"

This always make me laugh....


Cute doggy gif


Sorry, I went out to dinner.
I'm back tho


Can you uh, delete the uh, first uh gif please? @smishsmash get meh reasoning...


reasoning for wut


Also, @Chair, I am a few minutes late, but. Welcome to the forum! Tag me by putting an @ infront of my username, like this; @FearlessPhoenix. Be sure to check out the community guidelines, and here is stuff about the forum. Just click on the blue text to go see the community guidelines and FAQ. See ya around! And welcome again!


For askin starry to delete the first gif thing.

I gtg, bye @smishsmash.


It is true that dying is just you won't open your eyes tomorrow.

Some people have the ones they love and don't want to leave behind, and some don't.


I know that. Can you please just delete it? And where it says the same thing in your post? Cuz I don't.. ahh, ok. Just delete it please.



sorry thank you


What's the matter

You don't have to believe in it like I do


For what? scratches eyebrow in confusion


Dun flag me.


JUST PLEASE DELETE IT, OK STARRY??? Or I'll seriously flag...


Idk why you have a prob with it



Just. Frikin. Delete. It.


My god...

Bai then



Thanks, @StarryDream. :)


Can you unquote/ delete that post so I can hide that?

@StarryDream, you do that if anyone quotes it, they'll know everything? I'd rather you just delete it, but, your choice.


Answer my question then

Why you hate yourself
Is it because of sammi?