Fearless's Fall Coding Competition [CLOSED]



A small, simple request. Hmm. I’ll have to think.


Ugh. I was seriously going to wait a few months so you would stay longer.


Okay, well, could you make a simple pi tapper game? Like where every time you tap the pi symbol, it increases by 3.14. And maybe an upgrade to pi squared (points go up by 9.86). Thank you.


Lol ok

You coulda requested that y’know. I said it could be ANY request. But you wanted the Pi tapper instead shrugs


Okay, forget about the pi tapper if you’ll stay until the end of the year.


It has to be a small request :thinking::thinking:
@FearlessFriends, what do you think?

  • Sophia’s right, you should stay. It’s a small request
  • You can go if you want. It’s a big request…

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Y’all have a really twisted definition of small…



oh wow I’ll have to check out your project !!


What kind of request?


Any kind of request. But, this ended like a super long time ago. Why the revive?


I’m not reviving it. I just didn’t realize that this contest is like two months old.


Hehe lol yeah.
It’d be pointless submitting something now – it’s practically winter


@FearlessPhoenix Maybe close this, now that your a leader?

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