Fearless's Fall Coding Competition [CLOSED]



So I can pixel art your chicken?
I’d trail art, but I sock at trail art…


sure, whatever is the easiest for you


K. One pixel art chicken, coming right up!


@BlackSeal, how’s this?
I’m not done yet, I started a while ago. I can change it if you want


The outline colors a bit weird, so I can do those in black if you want.


i love it shsshh


no, it looks great this way


lol it’s your own own drawing, I just used pixel stitch to make a template. It’s nice to know you appreciate yourself



it looks 3 times better like this, really


@Petrichor, @sophia71205

I need your requests by tomorrow. Over the weekend, imma finish all of the requests, and ill dissapear again. For another year (actually, probably longer). So, unless you wanna wait that long, I suggest you give me your requests


Ok. I agree, I just didn’t know if you wanted something solid or something like this.
Glad you like it (or what it’s going to be)


@,r.rex + wife and kids



Coded, drawn, pixel art, trail art, shape art?
Specify a bit?
If you don’t specify, I’m just gonna go ahead and draw them


Just do @me.rex + wife and kids

Code somehow I guess???


Ok. I’ll do a pixel art I guess.
It’ll be simpler than CWABs.

Sophia, that leaves you


I don’t think it can get any more complex than this, if I’m to do it in two days.

If you have a better template, I’ll use that instead i guess
I don’t wanna do something too complicated, otherwise I’ll never get it done


Edit: wrong image


Do you want me to do Zane or anteater?
if it were up to me, I’d do Zane probably but it’s your request. I’m doing a sloth pixel art anyway. You pick.


I don’t really care.

Edit: saving for later https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zstah4x06


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