Fearless's Fall Coding Competition [CLOSED]



BlackSeal, super nice drawing!
That’s an amazing rat


thank you!
i’m sorry for drawing it instead of coding something.


That doesn’t matter.

Most of the entries have been drawings anyway


Sorry for being so late. I procrastinated too much. I think you already knew that yellow is my favorite color. @HopscotchRemixer @photographer123, check out the project. @HorseLover347, I’m sure you’ll understand. The S.S. stands for Sophia’s Ship.

Fun fact: for once, 100% of the code was original to my brain.


But why Sophia? Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s cool. It probably has some hidden meaning I don’t understand, but it’s amazing trail art


Hey y’all. The winner people will still be announced tomorrow I guess.
I only have 3 complete projects/drawings so I guess you guys would automatically all win?
I dunno. Starry, you can get a participant prize anyway if you don’t have time to finish it.


Because I didn’t have enough time to make the pixel art I originally planned that represented me, Mimi, and Katie. And I didn’t want to make a project about my love for Nindroid bc I didn’t know how to incorporate my favorite color or what to depict him as (an orange or a nose)

@FearlessPhoenix, thank you. It’s a situation from last November. I had been silently shipping hopscotchremixer and photo for a while, so when someone finally said something out loud, I went ship crazy. The ship name was ScotchPhoto. Hence (:scream: @photographer123, I used hence), the name of the ship is Sophia’s Ship ScotchPhoto


Ahhh… okay…

I still don’t get shipping but okkaaay?


I like this one definition of shipping from urban dictionary:

The act of one wanting/supporting two individuals involved in a romantic relationship


Seriously, why are people crushing online?



Here are the results!
It wasn’t that hard because only three people participated so yeah?


1st Place goes to: @BlackSeal! Congratulations!
2nd Place goes to @Petrichor! Congratulations!
3rd Place goes to @sophia71205! Congratulations!
Honorable Mention: @StarryDream! Congratulations!

You guys will get your spamlikes and shoutouts (hopefully) sometime within the hour (because my likes get used up super fast)
Tell me what you want for your requests.
A reminder about prizes:


I tried to do 100 likes each… I dunno if I’ll succeed tho

Edit: oh yup. I’m almost out of likes. I’ll get to the other two people tomorrow


oh, thank you! the chickens are honored


You’re welcome!
Did you like the likes?
Also, what would you like as a request?


I finished the spamliking!
Most of its on the app, but whatever I guess.
The account i use for spamliking is FearlessBackup


my notifications haven’t been this active since 2017
depends if it’s a drawing or a coding request


Haha you’re welcome.

It can be either.
You can ask me to draw something, code something or do something (do something would be like “nominate my project for featured” or “spamlike so and so” etc)
It’s basically just a request for whatever you want that’s not personal


@Petrichor, @sophia71205, same for you


i’d like to see one of my chickens in a coded version