Fearless's Fall Coding Competition [CLOSED]



Great! Thank you very much.



Your projects are due today…
You guys probabaly forgot so I guess it’s fine if you don’t submit anything… if you still wanna do this, I guess I could extend the dea.dline. Or you could just not do it, that’d be fine too…


hhhhh i’m sorry, i deleted hopscotch recently because i started getting addicted to it again


Eh, that’s okay.


I did @cheeseperson as a person made of cheese who doesn’t want to get eaten. I also included -1 as a person, and the grayish colors of the people are pretty cool colors.


That’s beautiful. If no one enters, you win the grand prize of first place.


Oh carp, it was today? Give me 2 days.


then I guess the dea.dlines will be the same, not that it reaally matters.


Oh OOf I thought it was due on the 30th


WIP. I’ve been busy for the fashion art club so didn’t spend much time on my project, my apologies.


I seriously did too. I lost track of time too XD


That’s ok. You guys can have an extension. @StarryDream, if you want, you can complete that sometime and submit it


Sure, thank you mate!


Yeah, no prob
Thanks for actually doing this


I am a dedicated person, remember that.


i hope it meets the requirements
yellow is one of my favorite colors right now
the rat represents @ChickenGirl and @ilovechickens


I am honored, truly! Very pretty drawing very pretty rat !rat/rat stars awarded!


That is one superb rat


you found it, nice


Er, I forgot. Sorry, I can’t do it.