Fearless's Fall Coding Competition [CLOSED]



Hey Hopscotchers, @FearlessFriends, @omtl . I haven’t been here in a while and when I came back I noticed that most of the hopscotchers on the app were using a lot of images and stuff instead of creating what they wanted using shapes and text and trail art, the way we did before they added the image option. So I decided to have a coding competition.
For the competition, you have to code or draw (for those of you that would like to do this but would rather draw) a project that is fall-themed. You have to include at least one other Hopscotcher in your project and well as your favorite color. For example, if you were including me, you could put a Phoenix or something that resembled me in the project. You can include more than one Hopscotcher if you want. It cannot be yourself though. You cannot use any images. However, you may draw a custom character.

The prizes are as follow:
1st) A follow on HS, spamlikes on both HS and the Forum, shoutouts on both HS and the forum and a request
2nd) A follow on HS, spamlikes on both the forum and HS, a shoutout, 15 likes on the forum and a small, simple request
3rd) A follow on HS and spamlikes on HS and a shoutout and a small, simple request.
There will be honorable mentions that will get shoutouts and spamlikes.
All participants will get shoutouts and a bunch of likes
If you get a request, an example could be a drawing (it will probably be horrible), a coded project OR you could ask me to do something for you, like spamlike or follow a certain former or HSer, or get me to stay on the forum for a certain amount of time or something. Depending on what you ask for, a small coded project could be an extra thing you get.
If there are any prize ideas that I have not included tha you feel would be appropriate to add, let me know and I’ll add them.

To enter a project, put its link in this topic with a screenshot of the project if it is a drawing.

Projects will be due on October 27th 2018
Winners will be announced on October 31st 2018
All prizes except for requests will be given to participants by November 2nd 2018. Winners will get their requests as soon as I can finish all of them

Have fun!


@Petrichor/@Themasterofairjitzu/whatever else he calls himself

Just tell me so I know who to expect a project from and I can see how many entries I will get


can i participate in this?


Sure thing. I added your name in the participants list.

I wish I was regular so I could change the edit settings so people could edit their own names in. Oh well


I’m in as well, duh.


now we’re r i v a l s


Hey Fearless I’d like to join :DDD


I could provide some spamlikes, if you want. And drawing requests (people and humanlike creatures only).
And I’ll enter, for the drawing. Can it be an art collab? Because I’m doing a scene where people draw their own figures on a template I drew, and it’ll be a crowd of Hopscotchers in the end, if I ever get more than two people (anyone want to join?). If it can’t be a collab, I’ll still do it.


ooh same I could give out some spamlikes on forum!


I’ll participate! Yay! This means you’ll be visiting some over the next month


I can’t promise anything, but I might do this challenge. You can’t count with me yet though.


Ok. An art collab is fine, but if you are in the top 3, it’ll be overall, for everyone that was in the collab. I won’t be able to do like 10 requests

@Kayro, sure, if you want. I’ll be giving people spamlikes anyway, so feel free to join in. You participating in the challenge?


no. i can no longer code.


I shall participation


Y’know you can draw. And you don’t have to do it on Hopscotch, you can draw on paper or somewhere else and submit it here.


I know but… it’s roughlife back here in minnesota


This is really cool! I am a bit too busy with school and stuff to participate, but this is a very good idea!




Bump Bump Bunp

Does anyone else wanna do this?


I will participate in this!