FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co.© Coding Collab

Welcome one, welcome all

here at FearlessPhoenix remodeling co. © we will destroy, demolish, and decimate! come, join us—we have cupcake’s catering

About Us

FearlessPhoenix remodeling co. © was started by me and a certain Phoenix, we will code many great things showing how to properly use explosives and renovate homes along with pulverizing parks, palaces, and ponchos. we are a branch of the great company -1 and will serve it to the end.

along with coding fun explosives, we also do fish and common household appliances. we specialize in pixel art but can and will do a wide variety of things in the future.

The account

we will have an account that will be created in the near future, but will also trade drafts and have 1 person remix the draft link (posted on here) to the account. if you code a project, make sure to say it’s by you for proper credit

Terms and Conditions

to ensure all safety through procedures, before being hired you must read the terms and conditions which are presented here in an easy to read fine print format for clarity

By becoming a member of FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co. © I agree to the following

I will never harm any customers or come off as snobbish, superior, or scary even if I am. I will remain loyal to -1 for all eternity and will never join +2. I will always use my special perks for the good of the company. Even though I don’t get promotions, I won’t pout about it and will never steal Pringles.

Apply For A Job

hopscotch username:
have you destroyed, blown up, or annihilated anything?
if yes, what?
can you use a stick of dynamite?
Do you agree to the terms and conditions of joining FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co. ©?

Our reviews

great company that remodeled my bathroom for only $400 dollars! 10/10 would eat — Hairy Poter

would recommend to every person in existence — Volda Mort

i love the fact they offered bonus fries after they accidentally ripped my sink open! — Fried Fred

we hope you have a great time, and feel free to request a renovation. don’t forget…

Demolish. Destroy. Decimate.

— your friends at FearlessPhoenix remodeling co. ©


Current members and jobs:

@/FearlessPhoenix: Co-founder, supplier, co-ceo
@/nobody: Co-founder, co-ceo
@/gwetv: head Dj
@/Stylishpoopemoji33: head of advertising
@/temmy: head of customer relations and shipping
@/dolphingirl7: head of Ocean business
@/Silverstar: head of refurbishment department
@/Georgie: slime specialist
@redstone180: intergalactic communications
@explodingducks: amphibious creatures department
@arakhnid: arachnid communications/cookie production supervisor
@tankt2016: designer
@/cherry_red: apparel producer


This does not spark joy


Also subsidiary Chip Inc. and Temmy’s Shipping Co

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Yes! It’s here!

I’ll join I guess, if I get benefits and a good salary

Music department works if you’re cool with that

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Or you could work at chip inc

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I only have 2 workers and chipmunks

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Hmmmm, let’s hear what FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co. has to say


I’ll join!
TDO and I are going to design the logo


I am the head of advertisement.


Yes I need that logo.

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@FearlessPhoenix if there’s anything you’d like to add to the op, tag a lead and ask them to edit it in, I’m fine with any edits


I think I’m the certified DJ with multi-platinum selling records

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please fill out the form in the op, and read the terms and conditions


cool coding collab/club :wink:
hey @nobody - think perhaps you could add something to make it a little clearer what this is - maybe adding coded/coding to the title? :)

hey let’s try to keep things as hopscotchy as possible haha!


ok, can you make a project on hopscotch with the message “FearlessPhoenix remodeling co. © has OPENED! Enter the link FearlessPhoenix Remodeling Co.© to join!”?


But Fearless already employed me as junior assistant designer or something
Basically one level below whatever TDO’s job is called, I think


Form completed sirs


Yeah sure. I’ll do that tomorrow. Should I give y’all the draft so we can all publish it?

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