Fearless' Coded Request Shop


This request shop is started by me (@FearlessPhoenix) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the Latest Collabs, Requests & Competition Topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Heyo @FearlessFriends!

I’ve been wanting to make some more projects for other people and not just myself, and what better way to do that than requests?

Yall probably know that I don’t typically take requests, becauseI don’t like agreeing to commitments I wont be able to see through. What’s different? These won’t necessarily be requests, but rather commissions.

I will be asking for seed payment for all commissions, although prices will vary. Read the entire OP.


Because I’d like to keep the agreements fair for both of us. My coded art can take a long time to make, and I don’t often get much back for it. I don’t mind – I do those projects because I want to, not because I expect anything. However, with requests, sometimes I don’t want to finish but can’t afford to lose motivation because it’s for someone else. It’s not a personal project I can pick up and drop whenever I’d like. As such, I don’t always get much out of that agreement and I’d like to if possible. The seed trades make it possible and worthwhile for us both.

Here is how my commissions shop will work:

  • It will often times be a pop-up; this means that I will be opening/closing it depending on my personal availability.
  • The products I offer will vary depending on what I want to (and can viably) code. Sometimes I will offer certain types of coded art, other times I will not. The “Pricing and Payment” section and Commission Form will be updated accordingly.
    • I request that you keep yourself updated on what I’m currently offering and only ask for one of the listed products.
  • Requests will be done in the order that I want to do them in
    • I’d like to keep this fair and will try to do this on a first come, first serve basis but that might not be viable. I will do my best to do all requests in a timely manner but projects may not end up posted in the order they were requested in, simply in the order I was able to complete them in.
  • You may only request a commission two weeks after I’ve completed and posted your previous request. I will be spacing out commissions like this so that I don’t overwork myself or find myself only coding for one particular user.
  • For your commission to be considered, you must completely and correctly fill out the form below.
    • I am a very busy person with a lot of responsibilities, both with Hopscotch and my real life, and I don’t want to be chasing people for details about their requests. If you’d like a commission, I’d like for you to respect my time and follow my system.

See the next section on pricing and payment to see all products being offered.

Pricing and Payment

I am currently offering commissions for Pixel Art Animations only.

My pricing estimate will follow this table below, although as stated, prices are flexible and should be fair but entirely affordable. Once youve filled a commission form, I’ll get back to you so that we can talk over exact pricing.

Note that all prices are listed in real seeds and have real-world monetary value.

Pixel Art Size :seedling: Seed Cost :seedling: Individual Frames :seedling: Seed Cost :seedling: Extra Features :seedling: Seed Cost :seedling:
Less Than 10x10 10 2-5 5 Lyrics/Text 0
10x10 to 15x15 13 6-9 7 Scenic Background 1
15x15 to 20x20 15 10-13 10 Additional Animations 5-10
20x20 to 25x25 20 13-15 13 Custom Varies, 1-35

I trust all requesters to use the honors system when delivering seed payment. Each finished request project will have a “Payment” button that is only visible to me and the requester. I expect payment to be delivered immediately by this method.

Commission Form:

As stated above, you must completely and correctly fill this out for your commission to be considered.

Note that I need all of this information to (a) ensure that you’ll be able to fulfill your end of the deal and (b) have complete information on the commission.

Thanks for reading and/or commissioning :)) Look forward to doing them!

Feel free to tag me with any questions.


Yay! Glad you decided to do it!


ty haha :)) hopefully this’ll be a fun lil thing


I’ll work on a form, as I have a possible idea for you~


awesome, thanks lo! cant wait to see your idea :))



but I’m poor :/

I’m gonna get seeds real quick


(yknow if you want a request but cant afford it, just fill out the form anyway and ill adjust the price so you can afford it)


I have money. I’m just poor of seeds.

obviously I don’t know how I have money


ik ik i meant seed-wise.

like if the req adds up to 20 but you only have 15, then 10-15 / whatever you wanna give is fine

thats why i have the seed balance and proposed price questions in there :))


It might be worth having a system like receiving 50% of the seeds before you start the commission, and 50% after. That’s generally what designers and commissioners do in the real world, I think.

Nice shop!


thats the system, yeah, and i do it irl. also did think about doing it for this but i feel like this isn’t necessarily as… important? strict? doesnt-matter-as-much-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things? idk the word but you kinda get what i mean

i dont mind changing it if that’s what people prefer but i just feel itd be easier to do it all at once at the end.

but ty!


It’s not a strict policy and it doesn’t really impede on your work I guess, right? And yeah, I guess it is more convenient. That makes sense to me!


This looks cool! I find it interesting how hopscotch is moving towards monetization. I hope the seed block opens up to more people. Good luck!


@FearlessPhoenix, just curious, is it okay if i request an animated pixel art without any gif link? You can go by your imagination


id like something to go off of atleast since actually drawing/creating the animations is a pain.
ig it slightly depends on what youve got in mind. feel free to describe it but if i cant find a way to make it work, then you might needa add a gif link or something

yeah for sure! very cool development :))
and ty


Is it possible if you can draw a tree and animate it how you want?

because if it’s possible I’d want that

and I have 50 seeds that are being processed


i cant actually draw/animate the art myself but if you found a template somewhere and linked that, i could code it and modify it however you liked


so basically I’m bad at finding lol.

I’m trying to find a tree and wind blowing the tree


I’ve been waiting for this…
Quick question—would it work to have a picture of all of the frames instead of a video?


yeah! theres a section in the form where you can catbox a link to the pictures of the frame.
the gif isn’t necessary but i included it because that’s how people usually find animations

im bad at finding too lol, dw. im sure someone can help. i can try too