Favorite Type of Project


Although this is getting quite off-topic from the topic this is in, we can't create a new topic for this because this is just off-topic from Hopscotch anyway. Anyway, yes, I like Minesweeper. Minesweeper is quite simple, don't touch the mines, and very frustrating, though is very enjoyable when you don't have to guess. Candy Crush, no, three-matching games, they became unlikable when the mobile gaming industry got hold of them and when they're made for making money, though the Bejeweled series is a gem for many reasons, one including the poker game mode.


ooh by the way. If you like minesweeper, try playing minefield on your computer. Its exactly like minesweeper, exept that the board is infinate and you can play with many players all across the world!


hard, complex games w/ multi-leveled plots (how often do you see this in hopscotch?) honestly with me it's not about the graphics, definitely the story and gameplay, how about this: (only vote if you have played all of these games for at least 3 hours) which is the best?

  • the legend of Zelda (pre-3D era)
  • super Mario bros 1, lost levels, and 3
  • metroid (original)
  • halo (as a series)
  • need for speed



i like weird games with no use.


if you have played at least all of the first 3 in that poll, you are now officially awesome


like what? Games can be weird.


Yes, The original metroid for the nes actually is really hard. The bullets dont go very far.


noice, I try really hard to put somewhat of a story in these games, ( even if the hardware cant handle anything). Maybe you could branch and see my code if you want to make a new project out of it. Just dont reskin the characters or add one simple thing because ive legally copyrighted it and I will be hunting anyone down who has already made copies of my project. Its not free use if you guys arent using it for education or parodies. Plus, Ive sold my game on my personal website so dont get any ideas for realising my beta onto hopscotch. If you do I will personnally find you and email you a fine for distributing my game. Be warened, Even though I do not play hospcotch its not ok to copy my game.


My favorite types of games are the ones that are interactive and creative :slightly_smiling:


I just like any project that is innovative. Stuff that PurpleHawk and oio make.


Want an infinite game that is hard? I made a game DreamLand recently. Here is the link to DreamLand.