Favorite Type of Project


favorite types of projects, A.K.A. Hard games, Movies, Horror games, Art, Endless games,


it can be anything, like my games, your games, his or her games, my games again.


I prefer games and art mostly. Especially as Halloween is coming up, I like spooky games.


do you like the spooky ones that scare you? or just halloween themed?


I just can not pick. Too many choices, I love them all.


my games! Endless games, Hard games @chickenlord1501


I like endless games as long as they don't get too hard. I also like unique, new, and spooky ones that aren't going to give people nightmares.


I like endless, difficult, linear, and non-linear games, together or alone, art, and activities (like art pads or Hopscotch-like projects, where you get to use Hopscotch inside of Hopscotch).


My favorite type of projects are games with storys, like your chickie quests


so basically anything and anything inside of anything?


what about art games? which would you prefer to play? Maybe sp00ky games where the pop ups make you have nightmares? Or another hopscotchers game?


sweet beans bruh, im glad people have some sence around here and arent all interested in clickers or flappy birds. Sometimes I feel like if you had a profile with only flappy bird remakes you would be super popular. Which is sad really.


do the hard games have to be super hard? Or just challenging?


just challenging! @chickenlord1501


I think it as open, as in you can do whatever, and closed, as in finite/limited or you have to follow the instructions exactly, but yes.


then what games do you NOT like?


I dislike games that feel like not much effort was put into them, impossible-to-beat games, and ones that have only one small objective.


yeah. Do you like Flappy birds? or maybe the goal is simple, but the way to beat it is harder.


I don't know. The game is designed to make you rage and flaunt your score to others, and unlike 2048 or Minesweeper, it doesn't have as much strategy, it's mostly based on luck, and it makes you rely strategies that work and then turn it over, which you do over and over again, but then again, many people got it. But I haven't played the original and base my opinion on others' opinions and knockoffs, so I could be wrong.

Many games do have simple goals and are difficult, but many of them are very unoriginal, which I forgot to put, and this sort-of genre is very over saturated. These games are everywhere.


true true. But arent there any simple yet frustrating games that you do enjoy? Candy crush?