Favorite Thing to See on Hospcotch!


Hey guys! I decided to make my very first poll. To simply start off, I just wanted to know what you guys like to see! Games, RPs, Clubs, or Pixel Art! VOTE for your favorite and if you would like, start a healthy debate in the comments! ( no profanity, rudeness, etc)
Club closing October 30th (Day before Halloween)

  • Games
  • RPs
  • Clubs
  • Pixel Art

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It;s neat to see how different people’s interpretations of the same game are




Games are really cool! Yeah, lots of games are super unique! :joy:


Games, because that’s what HS was made for.


pixel, art because thats also what hs was made for.


If there were 2 choices I would have picked pixel art and games, so I just picked pixel art XD





Same, I wanted to pick both but I just went w/ pixel XD


I like see everything, all projects are really cool!


Thanks guys for your input on the polls! Keep em coming!
(Don’t forget, this poll closes on Monday October 30th)