Favorite thing about hopscotch


What’s your favorite thing about hopscotch? Post it in the comments below.
My favorite thing is that everybody is so nice!!
If you want, you can also put your least favorite thing.
Have fun!


I’ve got to agree with what you said, but if I had to say anything else, I love the interest in code that it brought me.


I agree with both of you, @GlitteryButterfly1 and @sophia71205.

But other than that, my favorite thing is that I love how everyone doesn’t take critiques personally and everyone takes them as a way to get better as a coder.


I like how hopscotch gives us the opportunity to code and learn something new


I really enjoy to be creative and to code, which makes Hopscotch an amazing place! It is really fun to interact with other people too and everyone on here is super nice! THT is also awesome and they really listen to the community and also make awesome updates to the app.


My favorite thing is that people can get inspired by other people’s creations


I just like everything about it, I can’t choose!

Everyone is so nice, it’s fun coding…It’s just plain fun!


talking to others :3


Nice everybody!! What about your least fav things?


That no one uses it as a coding platform.


I really love the fact that we can code anything and use our imagination! Not all coding appps let us do what we want.


That Hopscotch is s l o w l y d y i n g.
Mostly because people forgot why it was made: to code stuff.


my favorite thing is interacting with other human beings and also learning to program in a practically useless coding language. I like Hopscotch a lot, but not in that way of course. thank you for asking.






My favorite thing about Hopscotch is Hopscotch


In your mind … . .


that too


e v e r y w h e r e
it’s e v e r y w h e r e


oh right! too bad i can’t see it