Favorite memories from the forum


Hey guys who else remember's the first drawing topic, Gilbert's paintings, kiwi getting leader, stuff like that? That was so fun! What are your favorite memories?


Ahhh, the good ol' days!


watching the forum burn and perish


Remember the first flame war? It was over if Gilbert's panintgd were real or not
I have the sacred link and picture


I liked it best when I first joined and the summer contest was going on. Everything was happy :smiley:


But that's right now


It's awesome


It will go to the forum hospital soon!
I'm so dark why


Can you stop bringing those up? I said a while ago that I don't like it when people do.


@KayKay, can you delete that? Because I can't delete those posts. It just annoys me when people keep bringing that up.


Okay, I just miss tou painting. You are really good, you know.


omg honey. that's dark.


They could be put up in a museum


I'm outta popcorn
So I threw it into the fire and now the house smell s bad and everyone is complaining