Favorite Artist Poll NEW


Due to some forgotten artists, I updated the poll! Any discussion held in the last thread can be continued here!

  • OrangeScent
  • JaszyKake
  • Food..
  • PolarBear
  • Poptart0219
  • AvocadoDONT
  • LotsaPizza
  • OrangeBerry
  • FlyingFox11
  • Fluffy marshmallow
  • Sprinkles7
  • CheshireTree
  • MagmaPOP
  • DaLuvlyPingu
  • Pure EPIC


You may choose between 2 and 4 options.

Favorite Artists! Poll

Don't make this into a contest, just for the opinions :wink:


I don't want this to be a contest or anything, just want to see opinions
There shall be no broken hearts

Here are some artists!

  • CheshireTree
  • Food..
  • OrangeScent
  • LotsaPizza
  • FlyingFox11
  • Poptart0219
  • PolarBear
  • FluffyMarshmallow
  • OrangeBerry
  • MagmaPOP
  • Pure EPIC
  • DaLuvlyPingu


You may choose up to 3 options.


Do you have another favorite artist that's not on here?
Comment about he/she!


Yes I'm in The poll :hear_no_evil:


Whoa everybody really likes my drawings :yum:


There are a couple artists that I notice a lot :wink: that aren't on here :open_mouth:


Oh, I might have missed some!
I know I missed AvocadoDont.


Only to @OrangeScent1

You are following my secret accounts that I just posted a recoded remix of @MagmaPOP 's background. Don't say it though, I'm trying to work up on that account :wink:


Lol, can't remember what it is but ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I feel like a secret agent :sunglasses:


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Imma publish a project with the title "Umincorndkf" and it will be a drawing of a unicorn




Oh it starts with an A and ends with a D doesn't it? I was wondering how you replicated your style so amazingly :laughing:


Lol :wink: I made a unicorn. Too lazy to name it whatever I was gonna name it. And yup, that's me, you found me!


Lol, do you have any other accounts? If so, have I followed them?


I follow basically anyone who
1. Has good art
2. Doesn't do too many remixes and lotteries
3. Good coding projects


I have a secret account as well :wink:
I'll follow you and show you (btw it has 2 words and is an animal)


Umm, they were only test accounts and have nothing on them. You've followed my active ones.
1. POPTART0219
2. OMN
3. A----D


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