Faster abilities

I like it!

So that would take about…0 frames.

Yes they are!!! :rage:


You know that this is outdated? The last post (not including these two) was about a month ago

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Also isn’t this technically the rainbow blocks?

Yeah…maybe clive?

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it is the rainbow blocks but they don’t execute instantly and it’d be nice if they did

@Redstone1080 no, this is still very relevant



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Oh so the rainbow blocks are like functions? That’s how hs’s drag and drop is relevant to word programming languages

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I also feel like this will be impossible to implement because how would you know what the block does? And it might have certain limitations

Well, I have to disagree with you. You can’t do many things that you can do with an actual programming language, and for that (and some other reasons) I don’t really think they’re programming languages.

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Okay, that’s valid.

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view: booleans, parameters, change case, replace x in string, etc.

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I was referring more to making system calls, but yeah.

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It would work, don’t worry