Fast smooth background?



So if you want a smooth background, as in VERY SMOOTH with no seams at all, it takes like 40 seconds even if the speed is set to 999999999999. Is there any way to make it faster? It's just irritating to check on a project as you make it and have to wait 40 seconds for the background to load!


well instead of the width being 2 you can make it 10 but both width have to be the same


NO there is not. It can be very fast indeed... But seamless... no.

I am sorry

H4x0r is jip


The set speed to 999999999999 doesn't matter much because smooth backgrounds use set positions to move. Change x/y or move forwards depend on speed.


Well, actually, no. The highest speed number is 99999.


I thought it was 99999999999999


Well, 99999 is the highest number that has effect on the speed.


There is sort of a way to make a seamless smooth background quickly. You have 10 objects leaving a trail. You start each object, or "Curtain" 100 pixels apart--first at (0,0) second at (100,0) second at (200,0) etc all the way to 900. They're each drawing a smooth background all the way to the right edge of the screen at (1024,0). So the first one is moving the length of the screen, the second one only moving forward 900, the third only 800 etc. A full background will be drawn in 5 seconds, but it will have 10 seams, but those seams will move to the right over the course of the next 30 seconds until the first curtain has reached the right side of the screen and it all looks good.


thats an awesome idea! Thanks @alish , but how does that work with values?


@Yummy__Muffin I tried doing 9999999 but it didn't work. But when I look at other hopscotchers smooth background, it's way faster then mine! But the code is exact the same.


I'm in the mood of reviving topics because why not??

I always wanted to know how to do this! Great topic :smiley: