FART simulator feedback



This game is not done it is in the alpha phase but here is the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y2o1l7kar
I do not want this game to be featured right now so please don't put it on nominations for featured.

Here are some polls:

  • this game is inappropriate for hopscotch
  • this game is kind of inappropriate
  • this game is fine


  • best game I have played in awhile
  • pretty good
  • meh
  • nah this is terrible
  • I got a suggestion (put it down below)


Remember this game is in alpha so it is not done :smile:
Please be honest


@MrGrilledChese I'll check it out! But from research, it should be appropriate.


Please put some suggestions for the game down here :grinning:


@MrGrilledChese bathroom jokes are aloud in hopscotch, so it is completely appropriate.

I have a few suggestions! Give the Bears some health, like you have to hurt them about 2 or 3 times before they die.
Make the player be able to move around with ease.
Don't have the sound in the background, unless if you make a nice song out of it. (It could turn to a really dramatic song when you only have one life)
Add a background!


Thank you I think for the song you get a one life do you think it should be the same one from minecraft when you not very many hearts? @Hoppertoscotch


@MrGrilledChese I think you should make up your own song, or have someone else do it! hint hint, i'll make you a song


I think it's fine!:slight_smile:

Cool game!


@Hoppertoscotch you can make me a song.
I don't know how to do music so you can do it!!!


It's appropriate :)

Poop is allowed

Guess what,

at hopscotch HQ they have poop emoji pillows XD


I love this game!

Maybe you could have the bears come at more of a different time. That way, the player doesn't have to drop a stink bomb and then have less than a second or two to do it again on the other side c:


That is an awesome Idea @Catface4


Great game! It was really fun and worth the play!
Maybe as the game progresses bears could come at you more frequently, or other enemies appear.


great. "what some people think of me" simulator. if you know me IRL, you will get it. XDD


There should be a fart exploding power up do all you do is fart like crazy!

(This sounds weird.)


Maybe a


that charges up for a while and then destroys (destroys?) all bears on screen?

Can't believe I just typed "SUPER FART" XD


omega bear
sloth spray
laser beams from eyes


@huggingfluffybear why did you invite me here


Becusse you said poop was gross for the fourm so I wanted your opion here.:slight_smile:


Don't make a big deal out of this stuff


@mrgrilledchese I won't let you down!