Farming Simulator Collab!(Think Harvest Moon, Star Dew Valley, etc.)



So I have been inspired to make a farming simulator! I was thinking you would have a character and they would have to plant, water, and pick plants and crops that they would grow. I would like some really talented designers(good at moveable art) and a really good team of experienced coders to make this awesome! @CreationsOfaNoob @BlastFusion @Valgo you would all be very helpful with this. Maybe you could join? @OMTL if you think you are a good Coder with a lot of experience then volunteer! I will be making a collab account to make this easier. If you would like to join just give me some random stuff on why you think you are experienced enough. Plans, ideas, and Code will be shared through this topic. Thanks!


Me: thinks about joining

sees this:

Thinks to self, “Eh…”

Could I join? I am not “talented,” but I think If would be fun. I can work variables okay


Ok that’s great! Once we get a few more people I would liek to get the project started!


This sounds great. Firstly I need to complete a few things, and then I’ll consider it. Thanks for tagging me!


I volunteer.


I would join though I’m not gonna be very good


Um… I don’t know how to use movable art in this scenario, and it is maybe good to just stick to the easy basics. You don’t need animated trail art to make an animated project XD


This sounds cool!
Are you going to have some Blue Harvest stuff in it? I really enjoyed that movie. I think it is my favorite.
Like the creatures


Ok yeah bye


Ok @BlastFusion it’s great to see you taking interest.

@Petrichor I am glad to see you joining!

@CheckyWecky it is okay even if you can’t code you can still design and come up with ideas

@DECODECO if you want to join plz tell me and yes I do mean dynamic trail art unless if we use shape art(which is moveable but still difficult).

@Kayro I was talking about Harvest Moon and Star Dew Valley two really big Farming Simulators. I am assuming you want to join. You can still put your own ideas in from Blue Harvest though.

@Kitty4U Oh come on…if you want to join just tell me.


No I’m good it’s my 1 year anniversary I’m making something thx tho


Ok then!


No thanks.
@HopscotchRemixer you should really look up Blue Harvest sw.
It may have been a call sign.


Did u figure out what I was talking about?
Blue Harvest SW
Is a great movie with a Farmboy and creatures and so cool


Ok i will join


Ok…I will give you the password when you say you are ready.




Yeah are you still on?


I think I am good at that, but thats my opinion:


We can get started on something after @BlastFusion is done with his Pokémon game or what ever else they are working on…