Farmee beta testing now


hey here's the updated version link


Thats super cool!! I did not see any bugs/glitches so far, so good work!! Your of to a good start!!


Great job so far! Keep it up!


Thanks I'm working on a store and much more if any bugs are noticed tell me


Thanks man I'm working on other features


Great game!
Some instructions as the player goes through would be helpful, though! :wink:


Ok I'm adding more stuff like you can plant corn where you plant wheat


Here's the new version


Nice!! I like it even better with the new version! But as @LazyLizard said, instructions could be nice.


It instructs you in bottom left


Oops. Diden't see that. My mistake!!:joy:


It's finding trying to work on 5 games at once it's so hard


I have to try to get 3 things published by May 18. I got time, but it's gonna be big.


I know I have 2 weeks to get 5 games finished completely


What's your hopscotch name