[@FarmBot help] The Farming Game

· • —– ٠ ✤ AUTHORS AND DISCLAIMER ✤ ٠ —– • ·

This event/competition/challenge is started by @Tri-Angle and @StarlightStudios and all the rewards are handled by us, not Hopscotch. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

@Tri-Angle: Programmer
@StarlightStudios: Artist/Designer
@Awesome_E: Coding-related advisor

Extra shoutouts to @t1_hopscotch, @Yuanyuan, @Heracc and @William04GamerA to make this dream project possible!

Hello world! I am FarmBot, the hopscotch forum’s very first robot. I am a gaming bot, a simple game around farming! To interact with me, add @FarmBot at the beginning of your post and follow up with a command; for example, @FarmBot help!

The Farming Game is heavily inspired of Moose Island by @StarlightStudios, and the entire project has taken 6 months of development. We all hope yall will enjoy the game!

:hs_bear: Quickstart

  1. Post @FarmBot begin and wait until the bot creates an account for you.
  2. Post @FarmBot help to bring up the introductory menu with all the commands.
    • For further explanation of what each command do, you can read the #docs that are located below this section.
  3. Reply with any commands you wish to craft your own dream farm!

If you have any question, we highly suggest you consult the docs first. For any bug related to the bot itself, notify @Tri-Angle; and for any concern or suggestion regarding the game itself, notify @StarlightStudios!

:hs_dino: Docs

These docs cover every command, seeds & crops (with their drop rates and stats), watering, and anything else!


· • —– ٠ ✤ GENERAL ✤ ٠ —– • ·

The general commands that don’t enter in any specific categories.

@FarmBot begin
This command registers you as a farmer with an account linked to your forum username. This is required to start playing the farming game!

@FarmBot help
This command brings up the list of commands that are available to you. It’s a shorter version of the docs!

@FarmBot view coins
DEPRECATED SINCE 23/12/27 - use @FarmBot view inventory, in the FARMING section/folder.
Note: hsFB’s coins are an in-game currency and cannot be exchanged into any external form of currency; the farming coins has no value outside of the game itself.

@FarmBot daily
This command claims your daily gift: a random amount of coins, or even sometimes a random rare seed drop! You may request every 23 hours. If it has not been 23h, the bot will reply with how much time left until your next claim.

· • —– ٠ ✤ FARMING ✤ ٠ —– • ·

The core of the game: plant, water, harvest.

It’s good to note that your farm is made of a 3 by 3 square; so you will be farming at max 9 crops at a time.

@FarmBot view farm
This command tells the bot to display your 3 by 3 farm.

You will be stunned by @StarlightStudios’s artwork!” - Tri-Angle :)

@FarmBot view inventory
This command displays how many seeds and crops you currently have in your inventory.

@FarmBot water
This command makes the bot water your crops to keep them alive :D You may water every 8 hours. If it has not been 8h, the bot will reply with how much time left until your next water.

Important note: your crops will die after 60h without water.

@FarmBot plant [item] spot [number]
This command plants a specific seed at select location (1, top left, to 9, bottom right). You can check how many of each seed you have via @FarmBot view inventory, or scroll down to get a detailed list of every available ones in the game.

Seeds should be written together, without space. Capital letters do not matter.

@FarmBot harvest spot [number]
This command harvests a fully grown crop. It will store the plant in your inventory.

· • —– ٠ ✤ MOOSEFARMS SHOP ✤ ٠ —– • ·

The motor of your mini company: buy seeds and sell your crops.

@FarmBot view shop
This command displays MooseFarms Co.'s available seed packs. You may scroll down to get detailed stats of each pack.

@FarmBot buy [product]
This command buys a pack from MooseFarms and shows what seed you got inside that pack. Exciting!

@FarmBot sell [number || "all"] [crop]
This command sells a provided number of crops stored in your inventory beforehand. You gain money instantly.

Same with seeds, crops should be written together, without space. Capital letters do not matter.

· • —– ٠ ✤ AUCTION ✤ ٠ —– • ·

A fun entertainment to have; battle in a friendly mood with your friends about rare drops!

Important note: hsFB’s auction is not a gamble; never in any case you will lose coins, money, or any currency if you have not obtained the product you’re bidding on.

@FarmBot view auction
This command displays the information about the current ongoing auction: the bidding subject (on what are we bidding on?), the highest bid so far, and in how much time is the event ending.

@FarmBot bid [amount]
This command lets you bid a certain amount of your coins on the ongoing auction.

Note: you cannot bid twice within 23h. So think twice before posting!

@FarmBot bid reset
This action resets your bid and returns all the bid to your account.


· • —– ٠ ✤ MooseFarms Co.'s PACKS ✤ ٠ —– • ·

basicPack: 25 coins

Drop rate Possible double drop?
wheat 50%
strawberry 30%
purpleTulip 15%
pinkTulip 5%

flowerPack: 50 coins

Drop rate Possible double drop?
poppy 60%
purpleTulip 30%
pinkTulip 10%

farmPack: 75 coins

Drop rate Possible double drop?
blueberry 50%
sunflower 35%
goldenSunflower 10%
goldenWheat 5%

winterpack (SPECIAL PACK): 125 coins

Drop rate Possible double drop?
snowdrops 50%
witchhazel 35%
winterberry ??%
camellias ???%
· • —– ٠ ✤ SEEDS AND CROPS ✤ ٠ —– • ·
Seed name Required # of waters Rarity Earnings Dropped from
wheat 3 waters
min 24h growth total
Common 35 coins basicPack
strawberry 4 waters
min 32h growth total
Common 40 coins basicPack
poppy 3 waters
min 24h growth total
Uncommon 60 coins flowersPack
blueberry 4 waters
min 32h growth total
Rare 90 coins farmPack
sunflower 5 waters
min 40h growth total
Rare 90 coins farmPack
snowdrops 4 waters
min 32h growth total
140 coins winterpack
purpleTulip 4 waters
min 32h growth total
Epic 65 coins basicPack
witchhazel 5 waters
min 40h growth total
150 coins winterpack
pinkTulip 6 waters
min 48h growth total
Legendary 100 coins basicPack
goldenSunflower 6 waters
min 48h growth total
Legendary 120 coins farmPack
winterberry 6 waters
min 48h growth total
175 coins winterpack
goldenWheat 8 waters
min 64h growth total
Mythic 150 coins farmPack
lilyValley 12 waters
min 96h growth total
Mythic 90 coins @FarmBot daily
camellias 10 waters
min 80h growth total
225 coins winterpack
paradisebird 10 waters
min 80h growth total
200 coins ???

Notes about hsFB’s auction game

· • —– ٠ ✤ About hsFB’s auction ✤ ٠ —– • ·

The Farming Game’s auction is not a gamble; never in any case you will lose coins, money, or any currency if you have not obtained the product you’re bidding on.

hsFB’s auction consists of this: you “battle” friendly with other forumers about a contested rare seed. Any bid you put on the table should be higher than the highest bid, of course. At the end of an auction, the person with the highest bid gets the seed, and every participants of the auction gets back their money. No one loses money without getting what they are bidding on.

During an auction, your bid amount is put on hold, and you cannot use it. If you want it back, simple post @FarmBot auction bid reset and you will immediately have your amount back.

The money spent by the auction winner is currently going to the void, but this could change in the future (see #future-developments)

Last but not least, we (@StarlightStudios and @Tri-Angle) are the only ones who can start an auction. When an auction ends, @Tri-Angle needs to process everything manually, so please be patient! :)

:hs_bird: Our tips!

From StarlightStudios!

I wanted to give you all some tips to help prepare for some future updates that might help you decide what to do!

→ I highly highly recommend you don’t sell your more rare crops, they give you lots of cash but there might be something coming down the road to do with them instead :eyes:

→ Set bookmark reminders! If you have trouble remembering watering and claiming your daily reward then definitely set bookmark reminders so you don’t forget! Remember after 60hrs of being unwatered your crops die!

→ Keep an eye out for new auctions! You may possibly find some items that are extremely hard to get or impossible without them ;>

→ Items that aren’t in packs mayyy be limited so definitely stock up wink wink! Limited packs and events will be happening often so stay tuned!

→ Have lots of fun!! We worked very hard on this for a really long time so I hope you enjoy this passion project of ours :blue_heart:

From Tri-Angle!

→ You can have multiline commands! If you wanna plant 3 seeds, you wont need to reply 3 times anymore :)

→ Be sure to always grab your dailies! We might hide some surprise there… maybe…

→ Put this topic on Watching to avoid forgetting to do your daily tasks (water, daily, check auction)!

Have fun, and tysm for playing <3

:hs_sloth: FAQ

Q: Can I post multiple commands at once?
A: Yes! One command takes one line:

@FarmBot plant wheat spot 1
@FarmBot plant strawberry spot 2
You can even add random text, and the bot will filter it out!
@FarmBot plant wheat spot 3

However, please note that to avoid spam, the bot does not execute posts with more than 5 commands.

Q: Why did my crop die?
A: After 60h without being watered, your crop(s) will decease. Fortunately, this does not apply to harvested crops that are stored in your inventory.

Q: Is there any infomation collected by the bot, and if yes, what are they?
A: Yes, the bot only collects essential game level information, such as your progress or the number coins you have. Any other superfluous information that are not necessarily for the game to function properly are not collected.

Q: Can I see your code?
A: Not yet, but I might make it public on GitHub in the future.