Farm Simulator Collab (Please help leaders!)


I was wondering if I should make a farm simulator! Its kinda like a Tapper game, you get one crop to start with, tap for more money, and once you get, say $200, you can buy a new crop/animal, and so on. Its kinda like this game called 'Farm Away!' on the app store. I'll post a screen shot in the replies, for some reason its not working :confused: Would you want this game or no?

Farm Life Collab

Screen shot:


Oh that's cool! My friend is making a game, hay day and I'm making clash of clans, they are both by the same company. Hay day is also farming!


Are you wanting a collab or are you just doing this 4 fun


Oh and yeah I do want the game, then maybe you could get on featured and stuff.


I don't know. You can help, but I only you and me so instead its not a huge project


You should DO IT


What I say

Do it do it!


Can I help with the music maybe!


Sure! Make a draft and ill copy it


On it!(filling space)


Looks cool when you start making it you could add some fishing (dont know if thats a part of farming) :confused:
Here is my idea (could not make legs look right)
⊙īšâŠ™â€– forgot to add growing

Im still here but i can't comment cause it says something about gone or something i forgot but im just editing this post to say is it almost done?


You can also do some animations for the animals (might be hard)
Sorry i can't comment on the other post cause i have to wait 22 hours and it has been but it wont let me



Thanks for adding me in the credits :smile:
Can you add a link to the game when your finished? If you are can you put the link in now?


Is this a collab? (Space)

Here's the music


Hmmmm... Maybe add some more verses, it gets boring after hearing the same exact thing over and over. Like du du du du de de boodoop bodop


I will it's a base!(filling space)


Oh, ok :slightly_smiling: {2020202020}


Do you mind if I make some music for FS?


Sure! I can maybe use both songs :slightly_smiling: