Farewell Hopscotch~



I might consider staying, and I might not. I have all these outside activities I never really get to practice and I'm so behind on my reading. So, I'm leaving--not that anyone cares though. I might just stay on the forum. I have all these drafts I look back on, and say, "Hmmm...what happened to that?" Which is kinda 1 word; procrastination. I'm not interested in Hopscotch as I was before. Not even checking the forum. I'm probably going to leave completely when they take back my school iPad at the end of the school year, and probably visit the forum at my birthday in July I guess...


Oh. I hope you stay on the forum! Please do!


Please don't leave! If you do, have fun IRL senpai, you will be missed. ;-;


I hope you stay, you are really awesome! If you are reading and doing other activities outside, just visit here when you have time :slight_smile: