Farewell Hopscotch App



I’m not sure if this will matter to anyone, but it turns out my school isn’t doing hopscotch this year, so SPQRAwesome :star: is still off. :sob: I would download it, but i don’t have an Apple phone or anything. Of course, I’ll still be on the Forum, so you can talk to me here (…anyone?..:smile:). I might get the app back someday, but as of right now, goodbye Hopscotch…




Aw no

Also hi haven’t seen you here in ages


It seems like everyone is leaving Hopscotch but staying on the forum


True that. Probably because its more universal for devices


@KVJ Yeah, the THT should at least make a version for iMac. It would be very simple. They would just have to take the code from the iOS app and put it into Mac OS X format


One thing at a time though, they have lots to do between the few of them, unfortunately.

Anyway lgbot


yeah, I’ve had a busy summer. But hi!


Aw! At least your still gonna be on the forum!


That’s sad, see you on the forum! I hope that you will be able to get The Hopscotch App some way.


Thanks, @Explorer_ @KVJ @Work_kids_coding @William04GamerA @svmaddy26 :grin: It’s nice that people reply.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: