Fantastic Modulo(s?) and how to use It(them?)


This isn't a general topic :P

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@t1_hopscotch i have a modulo question. How do u put that in Hopscoth code

Check one if modulo of a number = 6


Modulo is in the math category.

You seem to have answered your question, which makes me think you were asking something different. Were you?


I mean this
text 1
Set variable(whole) to Random number
Text 2
Check once if (whole) modulo’s =6
Set text to Friday

How do u put (whole) modulo’s = 6 in hopscotch form?


Tap the “Modulo” block in the math section.


btw i was not asking that


Oh okay, I see. You would do this:

Check once if (whole) % (number) = 6:
 Set text to (Friday)

Change number to whatever value you want.


oh thank you i was asking for that


Is it like this?


Yes that is correct.


Thank you for your help