Fantastic Coding Club

Fantastic Coding Club

Hey there! Welcome to the fantastic coding club. This club will have competitions, challenges and gifts for all of you.

Introducing C Coins!
C coins are my made up currency, and you could get them from competition and challenges! Earn the most coins will win some beautiful mushrooms/plants from me by August!

How do I sign up?
Below this text is the sign-up form, where you can sign up for the club. Remember, this club is open for everyone, so even if you don’t win, you still get C coins.

Would you like to join this coding club? Yes/No
Would you participate? Yes/No

Thank you!


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1st Challenge
Create a project named #FCC1
The project must contain the following sprite: Bear.
Deadline: (NO EXTENSIONS) 2021-04-19T11:50:00Z2021-04-29T07:50:00Z

1st place = 50 C coins
2nd place = 25 C coins
3rd place = 10 C coins
Participants = 5 C coins
Status: Started.


Also remember to link your projects here :D.

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Also wow time zones it’s 7:25 am here!


So does this help u coding stuf?

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Code* i mean

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I would like to join

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Here is my link

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I join! Sounds good!

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Thank you! Will judge it later

@Leaders please Clive this