Fans to Unnoticed People


First of all, you may say "SBYP". But this is different. And it's a club (well sort of).

So in this club we will disguise ourselves as "____'s fan", but the blank has to be someone who gets very little appreciation for their hard work. Why? Because those who do get appreciation already have loads of fans (and ACs XD).

So you don't have to say "I will join this club". I won't even keep it down somewhere. Just talk here about people that need more likes than they have now.


Anyone wanna speak here?


No one likes my stuff my most likes was 8 I think


This is cool! Im not noticed too much


That was me until Morpher, and even today I get very few likes.


I mean around 10 or so


I'm not noticed much, but you should check out FoodDelivery's stuff! S/he makes really great text and pixel art! :D


I mean s/he has plenty of fans. Look at the number of likes s/he has.


What is your account name?


@Murphy1 got Rising but needs more attention'

I'm a fan of her! :smiley:


The bestest


I am a huge fan of @PercyJackson9!
OMG you used my drawing as your profile picture! I cannot say how much that makes my day! :blush: She is really kind and nice!


I have never gotten a double-digit amount of likes



Daniel Kwan on Hopscotch is very under-appreciated. I mean, look at their projects and see how little likes they get albeit their quality.
Here are their most recent projects:


Yeah Daniel Kwan is surprising awesome!


Are you sure about that?


Sure about what?

Deserves more attention? Durr
Fan of her? Absolutely


Then there's me I feel guilty because I've gotten featured ;-;


Thanks! 131 likes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats! You deserve them!