Fandom Project Collab


Hoi everyone! So I was thinking the other day… and I’ve been rlly inspired by different fandoms in my projects e.g. I created a project loosely based on Harry Potter recently. I’ve also found that doing collabs on projects is rlly fun! So… I pieced two and two together… and I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a collab on a fandom based project? Sounds rlly geeky, ik :wink: u choose the fandom; some of my faves r HP, Doctor Who, gravity falls and Warriors. Projects could be stuff like trail art, adventure games, quizzes, etc. reply below if u wanna be part of it or if u have any ideas! Thx so much!


Hp or warriors.
(Im in)


Nice :ok_hand:t2:
Wanna do a warriors adventure game? (I saw something like that on the warriors website and it’s rlly cool, we could base it on that :thinking::thinking:)



RWBY, HP, PERCY JACKSON, and more that I can’t think of right now


Thx, @DogWithAPen! I’ll definitely consider those options when I’m making the project :yum:



Star Wars
is a fandom.


Star Wars is a great idea, thanks @Kayro! Whoops, I’d forgotten about that fandom :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: but thx for reminding me- I can do heaps of projects based on it now that I think of it. Thx!



I love your pfp!


Aw thx @FATTCAT ! I spent ages looking for a good one and then when I saw it I was just like… :scream::scream::scream:DESTINY.
I love urs too, especially ur username!:joy::yum:



Now not as fun if you don’t have the latest DLC

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a video game).


Hahaha dw @Xman0417. I play destiny with my sister and friends when I can find the time for it but I haven’t gotten the newest DLC :thinking::thinking: I’ll look into it :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Ehehe I didn’t get the newest dlc for D2. I played D1 all the time tho, I was a completionist.


Lol ur, like, the opposite of me then :joy::joy: I am anything but a completionist :rofl:



Heheh. I mean, I should probably play some D2 to finish the story, but I feel like playing overwatch. Heheh


Hi all! So, I’ve been planning to start a platformer project on Hopscotch with Rnc1807. And i was thinking how cool it would be if it was based on a fandom! e.g. (This is just an example it probs won’t happen) say we coded the player to be a time lord?? and the platform he goes thru is time and space and the obstacles can be different aliens that appear in doctor who or something like that, and every time the player gets an award they can earn a companion?? Just a weird train of thought… :3 Anyway, just wondering if anyone was on board with that? Thanks!