Fancy Key help can't find shapes


A few months ago I had Fancykey and there used to be allot of l shapes,lines,squares,dotted squares,circle shapes to use that could only be accessed with Fancykey. I downloaded the latest version called "FancyKey pro"
I've searched through the emojis and different themes and can't find any of those shapes like it had before.
If anyone knows if they are still there can you please leave a message here how to find them on FancyKey pro.



I don't have fancy key... I wish I could help! Sorry, I can't even download it.


I have stillgot shapes...what is fancy key pro?


I searched "Fancykey" on the app store and the only fancykey app that came up was FancyKey pro


Ok...I am using it now and works great...exept for those effects :3


uh. not trying to be offensive... how is this Hopscotch related?????


Before the update to Hopscotch with the shapes made my the Hopscotch team. The only way to get extra shapes to use was using FancyKey.
Quite a few projects that have been on Featured used shapes/symbols from FancyKey.
I uninstalled Fancykey a few months ago and wanted to install it again to use the extra shapes that can only be found on FancyKey.
The updated version now doesn't have any of the exclusive shapes anymore

I'll forgive you this time for your comment as you most likely are unaware what I was talking about.


The squares, thin and thick with a thin border, were made using FancyKey.
These were among many symbols that were available to use from FancyKey.


I'm jealous now.
Forever I'll never get to use those extra shapes from the original FancyKey again.


I have another app that has a lot. I can tell you it when I get to my iPad


Okay, it's called "Symbol Infinity". When you first open up the app it's annoying and a bit laggy on an older iPad, but it has superb shapes


Use unicode free! It may not be as convenient but it has more stuff than Fancy Key!


Yes. I know unicode, but there were some specific shapes i wanted to use that only FancyKey has/had.


Unicode free is an app I think it has more than Fancy Key....


I know it has more. But not what i wanted.


Can you describe the shape?


Sorry, there's too many.
I know a website for PC that has thousands of Unicode symbols. Some of these work on the iPad when copy/pasting.
I remember some Fancykey text that were different rectangles with dots like a grate and lines inside horizontal and diagonal.