Fan topic for @snoopy 😊


Hey guys!

Recently, I've been seeing @snoopy around on the forum a lot.

And I just wanted to say how much of an impact snoopy has had on me! I aim to be like her!

Her topics are always well written and related. She's nice, kind, and she makes innovative projects!

She really inspires me.

Some people might say that I shouldn't have made a whole new topic for this, but I feel @snoopy deserves a topic about her.

So yah, basically code projects and stuff for snoopy. I'm working on something right now for her!


First Post!
First Like!

This topic is really nice of you!


Yeah she's really nice my first request was from @Snoopy and she was so nice about it!:blush:


Yah, snoopy is amazing!


Also since I probably won't be able to say this otherwise but your optical illusion was so cool! Okay back to the actual topic!


Thanks, it was originally made by @IShallNotBeNamed, I juts made a few changes to the speed.

Anyway, LGBOT! :grinning:


Yeah! LGBOT! Man I hate the 20 character limit


@snoopy, I made you this: (it's supposed to be a penguin :joy:)



Yeah @Snoopy is a cool friend. She's AWESOME, NICE, HELPFUL, POLITE and a friend of all.



OH MY GOSH... :scream:
This is the best thing that has ever happened on the forum to me.. I just want to say it's so thoughtful of all you guys for making this. :smiley:
You guys are so nice and I want to say a whole bunch of nice words but it's so early in the morning right now that I can't think of one to express how I feel... :D
You guys made my day! When I come back in the afternoon maybe I'll remember what words to use, but TYSM!!!!!!! :heart:


No problem! Thanks you for being a great person!




Thank you so much! :D
@bluedogmc-official I just followed you on Hopscotch, I can't believe I haven't before! :heart: