Fan club for MiNi



mini is so nice we need to make a fan club for her

  1. Plz no flame wars
  2. No inappropriate pics or stuff
  3. Have fun and yeah

What do you like about mini
Why do you like her projects and drawings
Have you seen her features
And will you follow rules

(Link to stuff down below)

Friend tag list (edit above)
@JaggedJeans @MR.GAM3R

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First reply I guess

No idea what else to say


Hello anyone gonna join or anything


What do you like about me your super noice and amazhang
Why do you like my projects and drawings yeeeaaaah
Have you seen my featured balloon draw its one of my favorite projects!
And will you follow rules yesh yesh yes

Hiya paigey


Your in!!


No offense when saying this,, but:

um,, I don't think making a fan page or fan club for yourself isn't the most,, um,, non-selfish idea??

—and it sounds like you want attention (?)

Usually fan clubs are made by other people—but,, okay?

Sorry,, I won't interfere with this anymore. bye!! :P





Making a fan club about yourself is no offense but uh, not to be mean but kind of selfish..

By the way, uh, this kinda seems like you want attention..

On another note..

Do you expect a lot of people to come here? I do :stuck_out_tongue:


You made a fan club for you...
No offense but that's kinda selfish

Do you really expect people to come when someone makes a fan club about themselves?
And it seems like you want attention....


I might not be on much but

Just saying, it is a little... arrogant to make your own fan club, bit... whatever. :blush:


K everyone

K @KayKat u r in!


Everyone listen up!
Should I recycle this or not

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


No offense, but why would u make a fan club for yourself? Lol


No offense, but I don't think you should make a fan club about yourself....
I don't want to be mean but... ummm.... it's a little selfish.
It's like you want attention....
Maybe let someone make one about you




A fan club about yourself... great idea for a new topik on @Themasterofairjitzu!


What do u mean @Petrichor


I'm @themasterofspinjitzu, and I was saying I should make a Nindroid Games fan club on it.


Oh ok!
But I thought u never used dat account anymore


I changed the title
Mini see