Fan Club for KawaiiRose!



This is a fan club for my frenapai @KawaiiRose! She is aweomse, sweet, kind, nice, friendly, and an amazing Hopscotcher! So why don't we make her a fan club? Here's the form:

What do you like best about @KawaiiRose?
Will you participate in the activities?
Will you be nice?
Are you active?

Club Creator and Head Admin @Explorer_

What do these levels do?

Novice: Participate in activitys
Basic: Participate in activities + invite frens and senpais
Member: Participate in activities + invite frens and senpais + give ideas to improve the club
Regulars: What members do + vote in activities that need voting
Leaders What regulars do + get to create activitys using the CMTL + go the the Leaders+ discussion topic (once I create it)
Mods: What leaders do + moderate posts
Admin: What mods do + go to the Admin meeting topic (once I create it)




Head Admin @Explorer_







Replies until promotion
@NeoPixel: 4 more until basic

@Paige1212: 10 more until Mod
@LavenderArts: 10 more until Mod


Me join


@Explorer_ u here??????!


Oh by the way the first to people that join get an automatic leader badge!
@Paige1212 is granted leader!
One more!


Ugh I ran out of likes!!!
For 1 whole hr!!!!


That happened to me before


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What do you like best about @KawaiiRose? She's nice and hardworking!
Will you participate in the activities? Yep!
Will you be nice? Of course!
Are you active? Yeah



Ok! Your in! Your the last automatic leader!
@LavenderArts has been granted leader!



Ok! Your in! One more person and we can start doing activities!



What is this XD
You must've spelt the persons name wrong...XD


Welcome to your fan club!


do i have to do the forum?


Do the forum? What does that mean?


R we still doing this if so REVIVE!

Again if we r still doing this…

What Do You Like Best About KawaiiRose - She is super kind
Will You participate in the activities - YES
Will You Be Nice - YES
Are you active - YES



Your already in for the take two one