Fan blade or Fidget Spinner?


So do you guys think that the “fan blade” object should be renamed “fidget spinner”? It makes more sense since it looks like one.

  • Yes
  • No

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Well I guess a fidget spinner is a product (and probably just a phase) whereas a fan blade is a more generic object that people will still be able to identify in the future


Thats true @MelodiousParrot , Since fidget spinners are going out of fasion!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Fidget spinners are a very specific type of thing, whereas ‘fan blade’ is more broad.


Fisher spinners aren’t popular anymore and nobody really cares about them as they are comming out of that hot new toy phase. so I wouldn’t rename it fidget spinner, its way too specific and soon some will forget about it.


I’m sorry but this isn’t really on topic.

Can you relate this to hopscotch?


It is related to hopscotch. It’s a question about if HS should change the name of an object to fidget spinner.



I see

Sorry about that.

The fan blade came before the fidget spinner and there kind of dying.


Eh I’ll still buy fidget spinners cuz I’m bored and like to collect things


I know.


Can you give a link to the project? Thanks


I like fidget spinners more, but they don’t make your room cool down


What link?


Never mind…,…


I like the name " fidget spinner" more


I have a few fidget spinners. I have about :thinking: 7? yes I think 7.


Fidget spinners are pure evil.


I got one from the dentist!!!


WOW. I don’t really go to the dentist. I actually have to go soon for a drill. EEK! :confounded: