Fan Account for KawaiiRose! KAWAIIROSE DONT LOOK! (Take 2)



This is on global edit, plz don’t edit woot my permission
This is a collab account for KawaiiRose. Plz no one tag her until we publish the first project. So if you want to join plz fill in the form:


Are you active?
Have you ever talked to KawaiiRose?
Do you know anything about her?
Will you be nice?




(KawaiiRose is not in that list)


Hey, maybe make the title a bit less obvious? XD



Are you active? YAS
Have you ever talked to KawaiiRose? Yeah She’s awesome
Do you know anything about her? She’s a really awesome friend
Will you be nice? yes


Ok! You are in! I’ll add you to the list


What do you mean by that?


Probably make a title more like

Fan Collab! (Inside tells you who) Only Come and look if you get tagged

Or something


Well, if I was on KawaiiRose’s place, I’d immediately check this topic…


Expie , I hope I can join!


Welcome to the club!




You are in! Welcome to the club!


=) :slight_smile:


who else is in the club?


Check the CMTL part in the first post


thx expo
can i call u that?




Yes! It’s one of my nicknames!


Yes! Welcome to the club!


Hai…don’t you think you should change the title? XD

I mean, I’m pretty sure she would click on the title immediately