Fame changes Hopscotchers


fame changes some hopscotchers because magmapop was very mean to his fans in his topic and he made fun of us anime lovers and when we wrote speeches for him he was like "okay..."
Like when kiwi became mod she got kinda strict about people
So maybe we shouldn't have famous hopscotchers because some of them can change to be mean?? Please no hate on my topic I am very sad!!


How can we not have so-called "famous Hops"?

And what defines "famous"...?

This is an interesting suggestion, fame altering how you behave.


Famous is when you have lots of like son your projects


Again, subjective. How many is a "lot"? Even so, that still means "famous" hops are inevitable.

And hey, maybe it does change people... it could be argued that people get arrogant at seemingly being better than others?


Why you sad? Fame is not real. It is only when the supporters make it a reality


Grades :sob::sob:
Magmapop was rude to me


Fairly sure he was just joking around. Maybe he didn't think it'd hurt(?) you ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯

Hai @EnchantedHopscotcher


No he made fun of anime and people who fangirled


Some people have different views ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯.

Point is, if someone disagrees with something you like: so what? If you like it, you like it. End of.


I kind of agree. A hopscotcher (I forgot who) said that they could probably code as well as Magma branching his oroject just a little, and Magma replied "I'd like to see you try."

Also, when Kiwi became mod, she had to be strict, so yeah. You can't really be a nice mod who suspends no one and closes no topics... and you get the point XD


Magmapop was mean to anonymous :frowning:


i saw one of his posts and it was a reply to random anime pictures. maybe he hated it because it was useless and just random pictures for no reason.


Kinda hard to avoid em famous hopscotchers. If you were to fix this problem how would you do it? Not let anyone give likes?


No I'd make a famously Hopscotcher tag where famous hops could talk about us annoying kids


Well the famous hops (hops hops hops I like typing hops) shouldn't be gossiping about others.

Maybe, if you see that you could make a topic about how famous hops make mistakes too and it's ok to speak your mind even if the famous hop is famous.


How can we get rid of fame? :D
It's an interesting idea but it's sort of impossible.
I mean, MP does fool around a bit but he doesn't mean it in a hurtful way...I think.


Just because he says okay doesn't make him mean he has work to do and respect that
And kiwi got mod it makes sense cause somtimes you use your power to much and act like a your in charge of every thing you get what I'm saying?


What do you mean?
@DMF I need your what do you mean gif.XD


he called me cringey


she means magma is like a little mean to his fans............