Falling Timb Plz Help



Ok guys I am very stressed out right now I really want my game featured so ATM it's all

or nothing plz help


Umm.. I don't really know how to help you get your game featured. It all depends on THT : D


@Kitkat26 ik that's what's so stressful


It's okay if you haven't been featured yet! Just keep working hard, and don't doubt yourself. Keep practicing and learning new things, and you'll get there eventually!


@Intellection74 can you join my BaconStudios acc so you can teach me pixel art???


Sure! I'd love to! Would you like me to make a pixel art piece on the account or just teach you how to make pixel art? Or make a tutorial project? @BaconStudios I've been thinking about making a tutorial on Hopscotch (on my main account) on how to make pixel art by making trail art blocks similar to the ones in my Editor project. :smiley:


@Intellection74 I would love for you to make one but I'll just watch you make it. And is I am confused ide be able to ask you things!
how can I give you pass? If I don't respond I'm probably sleeping and I'll respond in the morning


Okay! I'll make the heart featured the Hopscotch team's video tutorial. Would you like it to be square, circle, smooth, or clone pixel art? (You can see examples of each in my latest project if you're curious)

Hm, how about you edit one of your old posts with the password (tag me in the post)? That way there's less of a chance of someone finding it, and you can un-edit it after I see it.

EDIT: @BaconStudios I saw it! Thanks!


If you want your game featured, there is just one big step. Make a game that's enjoyable and doesn't have any bugs :smile::smile: then everybody will love it. Also, good luck!


@Intellection74 you can join whenever it doesn't matter. Plus I understand that you have another account so I'm not worried


Okay! Would you like the pixel art to be made with circle, square, or smooth pixels? I can make any of them. :smile:


@Intellection74 the easiest kind xD


Did you log on yet? lol I've only done this once but it well be great

@Intellection74 when are you starting it??


Nope, I haven't logged on yet. I've been doing my homework (I have a lot today).
I'm so sorry!! I'll be done with my math in an hour at most (probably about 45 minutes?) and then I have to finish typing a paper which will take about 10-20 minutes. Hopefully I can at least start on it today.


I halp you with math homework!

Me good at math homework!


Don't rush grades are more important then this it's :ok_hand:🏽 @Intellection74


@Intellection74 what kind of math??....


Thanks so much for the offer, but I'm good. The math is really easy it's just that I have so much of it. xD

It's just percent increase/decrease stuff. @BaconStudios I'm taking "7th grade math" right now. They don't give out Pre Algebra to sixth graders at my school (I'm in sixth grade, 11 y.o). :(


Cool because I really don't know what is your homework about.


I'm in 8th so i have an idea @Intellection74 coding is math so it should be easy xD