Falling Behind on Requests... HALP!


I got two requests for music, and I'm not touching them... I honestly don't ever feel like doing them... I'm pretty sure I have a music request from 2 months ago... And I have the Snoopy Pad... And my collabs... And my other 'prizes.' Yes, my abandoned Snoopy Times. (I will do it) So... If you request from me, I can not gurantee I'll do it.
Just to let yu guys know if you ever request from me...
Music- I most likely won't even do it... I'll try my best.
Collabs- Can we do like a tossing around collab? I'm not reliable.
Drawings- Depends on my mood.
Prizes- My top priority.
Snoopy Times- I'll do that sooner or later.
Snoopy Pad- Not going to be completed anytime soon.

I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I like having a clean plate so I am free to do anything I wish... I like to mess around on the forum and on hopscotch.

Does anyone have tips for catching up with requests?
(Tagging People that get Massive Requests)
- @OrangeScent1
- @LotsaPizza
- @SmilingSnowflakes



Don't worry! If they didn't pay you money to do it, then I don't think you have to worry. But if they earned it from like a contest, I think, you should work on those.
I'm sorry, if this wasn't helpful :sweat:


What @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf said is great advice! :D
Also, if you have too many, you might want to close them for now. :)


It's kk. What I do is give out a response to EVERYONE saying I'm sorry I'm behind in requests!


Thanks guys! This is really helpful!


I'm suuuuper behind in requests
I just draw for people when I feel like it
That's the hard truth XD


It's ok. Prizes from contest probably should be tops because they won them. Maybe you should close requests temporarily so you don't get over loaded when your already really busy.