Fall/Wynter Coding Camp -- Join Today! πŸ‚β„οΈ(Fun and Friends!)



Fall and Wynter Coding Camp

Hi Hopscotch friends! I am part of a bunch of coding clubs and collabs, so I decided to finally try my hand at running one! We will have various coding activities and competitions that are themed to the most recent holiday or event. I hope that you join and have fun!

Would you like to join? Simply ask! I will add you to the list. You will be tagged every time that a new activity comes out, which will be about every week. The tag list is called @FallWinterCampTags.


@Explorer_ :reminder_ribbon: :koala: :2nd_place_medal: :medal_military:
@BotanistGirl24 :reminder_ribbon::bear::hammer_and_wrench::point_up:️ :1st_place_medal: :medal_military:
@Gobli09 :reminder_ribbon::point_up:️ :koala: :2nd_place_medal: :medal_military:
@hyperactive_fox :reminder_ribbon::point_up:️
@SkyFrost :reminder_ribbon: :owl::hammer_and_wrench::point_up:️ :3rd_place_medal: :medal_military:
@CheckyWecky :reminder_ribbon: :owl::hammer_and_wrench::point_up:️ :3rd_place_medal: :medal_military:
@DogWithAPen :reminder_ribbon::bear::point_up:️ :1st_place_medal: :medal_military::hammer_and_wrench:
@HotShot37 :reminder_ribbon:
@yaygirls :reminder_ribbon:

Leaders help me out by moderating the topic, answering questions posed by members, making challenges, and judging competitions. I am not currently accepting any more leaders.


@HopscotchRemixer :rosette::reminder_ribbon::point_up:️:owl: :hammer_and_wrench: :3rd_place_medal: :medal_military:
@svmaddy26 :rosette::reminder_ribbon::point_up:️ (Currently inactive)
@laser_eyed_puppy :rosette::reminder_ribbon::bear::hammer_and_wrench::point_up:️ :1st_place_medal: :medal_military:
@WynterDiamond :rosette::reminder_ribbon::point_up:️ :koala::hammer_and_wrench: :2nd_place_medal: :medal_military:

Everyone is divided up into cabins (thank you for the idea @Explorer_!). These cabins will occasionally make group projects or compete as a group. I have randomly divided the members up –

Wolves 🐺

@svmaddy26 (currently inactive)
@hyperactive_fox (currently inactive)
@HotShot37 (currently inactive)

Bears 🐻


Koalas 🐨

@WynterDiamond (Currently Inactive)

Owls πŸ¦‰

@SkyFrost (Currently Inactive)

Rules –

  • Always be kind, even if you disagree
  • I have put this topic on global edit – please don’t edit
  • Try your best in each of the challenges
  • Have fun!

Badges -
Badges are awarded to campers for completing challenges, being a good team player, being kind, and winning competitions. Thank you @lollypopcorn for the idea! Below is a list of badges. They will appear next to your name in the list of campers/leaders.

List of Badges

Member - :reminder_ribbon:
you are a member of the camp
Leader - :rosette:
you are a leader of the camp
First Competition - :medal_military:
you receive this badge when you take part in your first competition
First Activity - :point_up:️
you receive this badge when you take part in your first activity
5 Activities - 5️⃣
you recieve this badge when you complete five activities or competitions
Frequent Flier - :airplane:️
you recieve this badge when you have done every activity for the last five activities or competitions
Helper - :woman_shrugging:/:man_shrugging:
has helped one person with coding or the forum
Innovator - :hammer_and_wrench:
has used code creatively for one competition or activity
Artist - :art:
has made two pixel or trail arts for activities or competitions
Well-rounded - :bulb:
has done two of each type of challenge (question posed by leader, game coding, and art coding)
you have won at least one competition
So close - :2nd_place_medal:
You have won 2nd place at least once
Bronze is best -:3rd_place_medal:
You have won 3rd place at least once
More can be added by leaders

Limited Edition Badges

Completed the group website challenge - (receive the animal of your cabin) :wolf:, :lion:, :bear:, :koala:, or :owl:- not currently available
leaders can add more of these as well

Leader Rules -
Leaders have a couple of extra powers. These are -

  • Creating non-mandatory activities
  • Asking questions to the group
  • Using the tag list
  • Making badges
  • Editing the original post

So with that power comes a couple more rules. Here they are!


I will post one challenge about every week. I will notify all leaders if I will not be able to post, and they can take over.
Leaders can post questions, offer badges, and post non mandatory activities (okay, I said that before).
If you posted an activity the previous week, let someone else post an activity or question this week.
Each week, a total of two extra challenges or questions can be posted. Please post only one challenge per leader per week, and check before you post so that you are not posting the third challenge in a week.
Leaders can take part in activities and get badges, and take part in competitions, but they cannot win competitions, as they will be judging the competitions :wink:
Leaders may only edit the original post if they are adding a new member. Be sure to add a new member to a cabin and the main list, and the group.
Please help me keep track of giving badges out! If you see that someone who is supposed to have a badge does not, please give them one.
Also, be a good role model. Please moderate the discussion and be kind to everybody.

The links below are not necessary as of right now
Full (Updated) Roster:
Fall/Wynter Coding Camp -- Join Today! πŸ‚β„οΈ(Fun and Friends!)
Full (Updated) Badge List:
Fall/Wynter Coding Camp -- Join Today! πŸ‚β„οΈ(Fun and Friends!)


Thanks for putting me in the koalas!


Awww, I’m not with frens! But I make new frens…


I picked randomly, but I’m sure that you’ll make friends! PIANOMAN and Xman are very nice people! :wink:


NP! Again, I picked randomly, but I put two leaders in your group because you would have been alone any other way :yum:


Thanks wynty for starting and organizing this.


Your welcome!


I have made a bunch of edits to the original post, be sure to take a look at that! I will post the first activity somewhere between Saturday and Monday. Tag your friends – the more the merrier!

Tagging those in the group (until a tag list is made)

Members -
Leaders -


Can I Join???


Sure! I would love to have you in this camp!
The first activity will come sometime near Sunday :wink:


You’ll be alone in a cabin for now, but hopefully others will join! If not, I will shift the people in the cabins around so that you are not alone.


Woot woot! Koalas! FTW!


Haha, yes, we’re in koalas together.
But that was random.


But I am glad that you’re in the same cabin as me!


Can I join?


@WynterDiamond I don’t think you should have anymore leaders. We don’t want the whole club to be leaders.


CheckyWecky you can join!


I added that to the post before.


@WynFrens, I’m sorry if you got tagged twice, but this is a fall/winter camp in case you would like to join.


You mean Fall&Wynter Coding Camp