Fall Project Contest!


Um, didn't she make this topic first? Lol just saying :joy:


She added that after I added mine.


Sorry I thought I did give credit.
I'll do that right now


Well I do already have two people who are going to help me judge, but since some of the leaders have already done this before I thought they could help.


Oh ok sry! My bad!


I'd like to enter, but doe the project have to be anything specific? With a theme or something?


They just need to be related to fall! :D


Thursday. :stuck_out_tongue:
< trick. Qoetue.


I mean what's the date?


Unscramble the letters of the last word.


The date is Thursday, September 22. @tankt2016put it in these < so you had to quote!


Here is my fall project Fall Spiral Draw!


It's nearly finished!
Only 4/5 days left!


Are the prizes ever gonna come out? @BubblegumCupcakeMix


@t7lks clive last one! thank you, and sorry!

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