Fall Project Contest!


I might! :smile:
Although I'm super busy so I probably won't win. ;-;


Well it doesn't matter is you win or not, it's supposed to be fun. But your summer project was great so I wouldn't be surprised if this project would be great too!


It's summer. Do not talk to me about fall. Thicks.


Not me sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



This sounds really cool! I have TONS of projects on my mind, but I will try to make a good fall project. Besides, I have a whole month to work on one. And how do I link my project? Is it that button next to the heart?


What do you think of when you think of fall.


How many judges can there be?


My link to the project
I'm so excited
I hope there's lots of projects to compete with!


How about projects being submitted before the first day of Fall? :wink:


Ahh dang I wish I could be judge!


Ok, um,

when is the first day of fall?


Leaves, trees, red, orange, yellow, pumpkins


3 judges counting me.


I will do this! It sounds cool!




It's not the best. I could make another one. I just made this a couple of days ago. I was saving it for fall but whatevs.


I never got this notification! But luckily, I just saw it! Thank you! :3


Me!!! I really wanna do some coding before summer ends. So I guess I will participate!


@BubblegumCupcakeMix sure! I'd love to help out! Maybe not too much though, I'll be busy! I've got some projects and...school. ;-; XD

Also, there's a typo near the judge tags that isn't such a great word...
I'm positive you didn't mean to type that but could you change it? :)
I think you meant "guys" instead :D


That's what I posted on my contest. Can you pls give credit?

And aren't your judges fill already?