Fall Project Contest!


Hey Guys!
After the Leaders did the Summer Project Contest I was inspired to do this....

I'm going to have a Fall Project Contest!!!

(And by Fall I mean the Season)

Anyone can enter, and you don't have to alert me if you enter. All you have to do is post your project here! Here’s what you should do if you choose to enter:

  • Create a fall-related project

  • Publish your project and post a link to it in this topic


  • A project that was made before this contest was created is not allowed

  • It can't be a remix

  • You may only submit 1 project, although if you want to submit another project simply delete your old post and submit the better one.


1st Place
- A Follow from all the judges
- A Follow from me to anyone on Hopscotch (You choose)
- 30 Likes on project you made on Hopscotch
- 30 Likes on posts you made on the Forum
- A collab account both of us will work on together
- Shoutout

2nd Place
- A Follow from two of the judges (Your choice)
- 20 Likes on project you made on Hopscotch
- 20 Likes on posts you made on the Forum
- Shoutout

3rd Place
- A Follow from one of the judges
- 10 Likes on Hopscotch or the Forum (You choose)



@Intellection74, @Maltese, @Bananadog, @BuildASnowman, @Mathgirl, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Kiwicute2016, and @Gilbert189, can you guys help me judge? If you can, could you maybe help me give out titles?

Credit to @EnchantedAnimallover for having the idea above.

Projects must be submitted before September 22nd, 2016.
Good Luck on your projects!
Happy Hopscotchin'!

  • This is a great idea
  • This idea is OK
  • I don't like this idea


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Annual Hopscotch Summer Contest!
The summer contest results and winners!
Autumn/Back to School Contest!
Greetings, again... 😏😆

I wanna be a judge!!!


This sounds awesome! I would love to judge and wouldn't mind following winners for part of a prize if you want :grinning:


Yay! :smile: :grinning: :smiley:


Yay thanks!


I'll happily give out follows and likes as prizes!


I have this topic on watching! Please tell me if you need anything or when it's time to pick a winner!


@SmilingSnowflakes @Gilbert189 @Intellection74 @BuildASnowman @Mathgirl @Kiwicute2016
Can any of you pin this?


Well, I think that if we did, then everyone would be asking for their topic to be pinned. :confused::sweat_smile:


Thanks for replying :)
I understand.


I'm super sorry! This is a super cool competition by the way. :slight_smile:


Thanks :D

(And it's Ok)


Who thinks they are going to enter?!?


I wanna be a judge too! What about me ?


I'm sorry, but I already picked the two judges.


Ok M that is gone but can. I still help you , like a deputy judge or something ?


If there is anything we need you to help judge I will tell you!


Ok ! Thanks ! I really appreciate it ! I hope I can do it well !


Does it have to be fall related....


Um, yeah