Fall Contest 2017


Hello everyone!
This is the First Hopscotch Fall Contest! This is run by the community and anyone can join.

Welcome To The Fall Contest!

@OMTL @POMTL @TheCoders
Competition Starts September 22, 2017
Ends On November 1, 2017

Theme: Seasonal-Based
Like the Summer Contest the theme will be lightly based off of any season but preferably Fall.

New Rule:


Judging Criteria:
Originality/creativity: /20
Design/graphics: /20
Playability (lag and overall layout) : /20
Effort of code: /20
Organization: /10

Questionnaire If You Want To Be A Judge:
How Long Have You Been Hopscotching?
Any Judging Experience?
How Long Have You Been On The Forum?
Do You Promise Not To Be Biased?







We don’t accept judges and hosts anymore.

How to enter:

Just put your link here on this topic and if we reply saying that it was recorded then you are good to go!

Other Rules:
You may only enter one project
You may work in collabs with up to 3 people! (And everyone gets the prizes)
You can’t submit a project that is more than a month old (unless if updated)
If someone debugged a game or tested it then give credit to them (does not count as a collab)
1st Place:
Trail Art, Pixel Art, Or 20 Color Pad Request From @HopscotchRemixer
Spam Likes from @HopscotchRemixer
Nomination for featured
Spamlikes from @Glam_unicorn
Request any project from @DMF
Shoutout from @DMF
Request a trail art from @NindroidGames
Follow from @Allyb
Drawing request from @EnchantedAnimallover

2nd Place:
15 Color Pad Request From @HopscotchRemixer
Spam Likes from @HopscotchRemixer
Nomination for featured
Request a trail art from @DMF
Request a trail art from- well, you just get a trail art from Nindroid for 1st 2nd and 3rd, ok? Ok.
Follow from @Allyb
Drawing request from @EnchantedAnimallover

3rd Place:
10 Color Pad Request From @HopscotchRemixer
Spam Likes From @HopscotchRemixer
Nomination for featured
Request a pixel art from @DMF
Follow from @Allyb
4th Place:
15 Likes from @HopscotchRemixer
Drawing request from @EnchantedAnimallover

5th Place:
10 Likes from @HopscotchRemixer

Community Prizes

@DMF - (if I don’t win) 20 likes for 1st place, 15 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, 5 for 4th and 3 for 5th place; a follow.
@Artistic_cat - art requests for the winners.
@Milkypup - I’ll spam like all the winner’s projects and spam like them on the Forum
@Dude73 - drawing (maybe watercolor) requests for winners.
@Gobli09 - spam likes on HS and forum, and a follow


Yay, first like!

I might make a project for this, but I might be too lazy, so :P


Great! Is mstill setting it up though so people can join as Judges Hosts and Competitors


Cool, can I be a judge? :D


Yep! Just let me set up a questionnaire for people who want to be a judge!


Okay HopscotchRemixer! :D


Ok the questionnaire is out!
If you want to be a Host just tell me no questionnaire required!


I’ll be a judge


Since June 2015
Since August 2015


Alright, I’ll do it soon ;D


Ok @HappyDolphin you are officially a judge!


@SummarianStudios plz fill out the questionnaire I have posted at the top of the topic!


I would like to judge.



@sophia71205 and @SummarianStudios you are both officially judges!


Yay! :open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:




Congrats! @glam_unicorn you are now a judge!


Brand New Rule: Art Projects Are Now Allowed Too Not Just Coded Projects!