Fake trending projects using alt accounts is it allowed?


Okay so there is a project on the top of trending that was actually using alt accounts to remix

Is this allowed?




Leaders and Mods?



I want to be in the OMLT but don't know how??


Nobody should be doing this (and good catch, @waddlemarco!), but there's not really a way to stop it. I hope that person knows inside that Trendings come from hard work, and not alternate accounts. I wouldn't worry about it too much. That person just wants attention. :slight_smile:


You can go to poptart's topic and push the little green button and edit yourself in!


I dunn where it is?.


other dumb trending stuff
"everyone hates me!"
"i have no legs!"
and that stuff.


You don't have legs?


i do have legs, some strange person made a random account and said that.


That stuff is really annoying!


someone got on trending by saying i have no legs


Okay that is quite weird.


Someone also said that I am dead and don't have a face and got on trending

Me: Wut?


i also think that project was begging for remixes too.


Yeah. Those things annoy me. Can't you delete the accounts? @Liza


As @Intellection74 said, this isn't a good thing to do, but there isn't much we can do to stop it. If these projects in trending don't get likes while in trending, they will disappear relatively quickly, so we can try to just not give these projects attention. :slight_smile:


I'll tag @PopTart0219. Click the tag then go to her Topics and find the OMTL one. Then click the green box by the post at the top and add yourself :wink:


Ok thanks!!


Err, I think this should stop.


there was someone who got on trending by saying that he got bullied in school BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK he said he was adopted from africa thats racist