Facts about other's usernames! πŸ˜„



In this game you say a fact about another person's username, for example:
@Pingu (I hope it is fine that I use your username as an example :sweat_smile:) did you know that there is an animated series called Pingu? Then you could show a picture if you can:

Please don't say anything mean or inappropriate and avoid repeating facts. :grinning:Remember to stay on topic :wink: Just have fun! :smile:


Wow! I was looking on the "pingu series" when I was younger!



@Maltese is named after her Maltese




Hello XD


Hoi I'm Tem :3

(I'm actually Maltese, but you get the point already. XD)


did you know?
my username has a secret message about the meaning of life




i'll find it...
EDIT:fount it


Existence makes sense! At last! :stuck_out_tongue:




is the only hopscotcher on the fourm who uses an underscore!

Ok that was bad, @Sign_out, thats a troll name :sweat_smile:


Le cough. @hopscotch_king… @_Assassins4Life @_system @Yummy_Cupcake etc


You. Will. Pay. For. This.


Did u know that @Timelord007 is because I like Doctor Who? Woah!


Lel too many gifs, I will remove them if anyone asks


sorry, you may be stuck in a universe where there's only sign out and you


Thanks for the nice topic! :smile:


wait wut xD

sorry for bad writing, tablet



Do you know any facts about be username???