Facts about me! (One: I always write the name first)

2) I made the forum account LavenderArts before I made my hopscotch account LavenderArts. It was on accident, I thought that this was an online hopscotch or something (XD) and I made this - hence fact number three:

3) I was planning to make the account LavenderArts, after using SunsetLuna I realized that if I was going to like what I did on hopscotch I should actually stop just remixing projects. I had realized that I'd forgotten the password anyway, and that I'd have to delete Hopscotch in order to update it. One night I slept in bed preparing to leave behind my account, and become someone new.

4) I play the piano and the bass clarinet in real life. The bass clarinet is awesome, but I love piano more (sorry, BC). I've played the bass clarinet for 2 years now, and the piano for three (in my fourth right now). Music is a big part of my life.

5) I'm turning twelve tomorrow, so here's a fact kinda related to that. My favorite number is twelve. My jersey number in basketball is also twelve. My lucky number is eight.

6) The first project I ever saw on Hopscotch was that one with the emoji in the car. You jumped when you tapped the screen, and you collected stars. Anyone know the name? I forget :stuck_out_tongue:

7) I was born in New York, the revolution's starting in New York..... HAMILTON.

8) I have played a main character in a play. But the play was terrible. I hate my play writer.

9) I've read Harry Potter so many times, I can't count. Once I got a Harry Potter trivia game, and no one would play it with me. :stuck_out_tongue:



Happy almost birthday!!




Cool facts and Happy birthday!


Very cool and interesting facts about you ! Now if I make a game for you , I know exactly what it will be !

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Love Hamilton! And Peggy!

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