Facts about hopscotch [NEW PROJECT, NEEDS CONTENT]



Hi everybody! I am making a new projects called Facts about hopscotch. I will have nine different categories, each with a text about it. Every category contains information about Hopscotch.

But I need you help with these categories:


What has happened to hopscotch? And in which version was it released? Post everything you know about the updates - I will add as much as possible


Characters like Chillana, Cupcake, Bear, Mr. Mustache and more will be in this category. I want to add a lot of information about them - not only the name and what they look like - any ideas?


I signed up for the forum when it was new, but I didn´t use it much. I started to be active in May (I think) this year. So I would like some great stories about what has happened here.

More categories:

Give ideas for more categories, I currently have these above ^ and three more, so I need three categories, add your suggestions below!


Maybe add the various promotions of awesome Hops? And the change in Regularity?


If you hold on to the characters, you'll get a little cute bio about them! :3


Maybe have some stuff on the history of the creation of HS?

Anyways, it started in 2011-ish. Right now the version of HS is 3.2.1. 3.1 put the iPhone editor in the iPad version. 3.0 added the iPhone editor.


As Snoopy said, if you're using an iPhone, (it might work with an iPad, but I haven't tried it) you can read a bio on the shapes and characters! It's really cool and I read all the characters bios!


Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the help!
@Snoopy and @PenguinGaming713 : I can´t update Hopscotch on my iPad, it is full right now. I have hopscotch on my iPhone, but I don´t use my phone so much when it´s summer. I will check, thanks for the help.
@KVJ great idea!


It works on an iPad.


I think the is teh first version:


Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I will email THT with some questions today or tomorrow (as soon as possible).